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Goole Riverbank Challenge, East Yorkshire

4th June 2006

Results courtesy of Graham Walker for Goole Viking Striders
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PosNumNameAge CatClubTime
1203Pumlani BanganiM 39 and underSalford Harriers46.26
2225Trevor WilksM 39 and underLeeds City48.19
379Jonathan CarterM 39 and underKingston upon Hull AC48.36
4207Richard PattinsonM 40-44Pudsey & Bramley49.01
565Stephen RennieM 50-59Kingston upon Hull AC49.41
621Andy WhitworthM 39 and underMeltham AC51.09
724Andy GoodairM 39 and underAskern Road Runners51.22
822John GuveyaM 39 and underSouth Leeds Stadium51.31
974Steven SimpsonM 39 and underYork Acorn Running Club52.27
1084Mick PageM 50-59Doncaster AC53.15
11215Malcolm PackerM 45-49Louth AC53.29
1241Mark SeedM 39 and underRothwell Harriers53.43
1326Paul CollingwoodM 39 and underAskern Road Runners54.37
1463Peter ConnollyM 39 and underScunthorpe54.52
15206Dean winterM 39 and underAskern Road Runners54.57
162Andrew MastermanM 39 and underGoole Viking Striders55.04
17245Ciaran MurreyM 39 and underDoncaster AC55.15
1890Roger CarrM 39 and underDriffield Striders55.19
1970Mike BaggottM 50-59Kingston upon Hull AC55.23
2052Peter RowlandM 60+Doncaster AC55.26
21201Alan BexonM 45-49GVS55.39
2286Martin MidgleyM 39 and underGoole Viking Striders55.41
23242Steve EvansM 45-49Tickhill Running Club55.54
2485Martin BoothM 50-59Goole Viking Striders56.11
2580Graham WerrettM 50-59Askern Road Runners56.13
26211Paul LycettM 45-49Ackworth56.29
2772Roy PartingtonM 45-49Unattached56.32
28213Richard westM 45-49Wakefield Harriers & AC56.43
29352Kirsteen YoungF 34 and underLeeds City56.55
30229David BeecroftM 40-44Rothwell Harriers57.14
31400Karen BexonF 40-44GVS57.37
32212Tony SmithM 39 and underWakefield DHAC57.56
33222Peter BurkeM 39 and underAskern Road Runners58.37
3438David PudseyM 45-49Driffield Striders59.08
35240Andrew BoyesM 45-49Driffield Striders59.48
36218Keith Waterhouse M 40-44Unattached60.07
37223Neil BantM 39 and underBeverley AC60.07
3867Phil ClarkeM 39 and underUnattached60.14
3910Peter StockdaleM 40-44Barracuda Tri Club60.16
4046Colin watsonM 50-59Hull Springhead Harriers60.19
4140Steve WaterfieldM 39 and underUnattached60.20
4269Kevin HolmesM 45-49Unattached60.21
4361Wayne WildeM 45-49Beverley AC60.21
44214Mark ThompsonM 39 and underGVS60.23
45302Julie MastermanF 40-44Goole Viking Striders60.26
46231Steve Peacock M 40-44Doncaster AC60.28
4782Darren CartwrightM 39 and underRothwell Harriers61.07
489John GrundyM 39 and underUnattached61.30
4978Andrew RowbothamM 40-44Unattached61.57
5018Paul HolmesM 39 and underPocklington Road Runners62.06
5157Phil BurtM 50-59Askern Road Runners62.22
52210Al KirkM 45-49Unattached62.33
53346Helen McLoughlinF 34 and underCleethorpes AC62.45
54230Stephen DemmelM 45-49Unattached62.46
5514Jonathan WilcoxM 39 and underUnattached62.48
56209Chris DerveyM 45-49Woodford RC Hull62.53
57301Zoe CoatesF 35-39Driffield Striders63.40
5834Brian PrestonM 60+Scunthorpe63.44
5945Stephen WillietsM 40-44Beverley AC63.49
60348Carol -Ann DaviesF 45and+Rothwell Harriers63.55
61217Ian WraggM 45-49Penistone FR64.01
62338Fiona ForrestF 34 and underDoncaster & Stainforth AC64.07
638Nigel ThomasM 45-49Meltham AC64.10
64205Keith BrindleM 50-59Wakefield Harriers & AC64.26
6559Phil ReayM 39 and underHaltemprice RRC64.31
66227Stephen DaleM 45-49Driffield Striders64.35
67232David DodgsonM 60+Barracuda Tri Club64.37
6833Gavin AtkinsonM 39 and underUnattached64.52
69208Liam FawcettM 39 and underUnattached65.10
7073Shaun FerronM 39 and underAskern Road Runners65.30
71401Rachel MillerF 34 and underMeltham AC65.41
72226Gary WilksM 39 and underRipon Runners65.47
7366Kevin SiplingM 40-44Goole Viking Striders65.52
7475John ElvinM 60+Doncaster AC65.52
75236Frank GreenM 50-59Liverpool RC65.54
7619Malcolm BriggsM 45-49Rothwell Harriers66.50
77202Keith WilsonM 60+GVS67.34
78343Helen SouthallF 34 and underUnattached67.50
7942Stuart AndersonM 60+Wakefield Harriers & AC67.53
8025Peter LambertM 60+Valley Striders67.59
81233George StimpsonM 50-59Askern Road Runners68.01
8232Allen MurrayM 45-49Road Runners Club68.03
8362Stephen McLoughlinM 50-59Cleethorpes AC68.15
84239Andy ShalliceM 50-59Unattached68.26
85221Bob HawlesM 39 and underUnattached68.29
86204John ThomasM 50-59Unattached68.31
87235Martin NeeM 39 and underUnattached68.42
8847Malcolm FawcettM 60+Knavesmire Harriers68.50
8977Timothy BellM 39 and underUnattached68.58
90336Gilly MarkhamF 45and+Meltham AC69.09
9158Brian DobsonM 45-49Pocklington Road Runners69.13
9217Stephen GossopM 39 and underUnattached69.36
93237Steve DooleyM 39 and underRothwell Harriers69.48
94216Geoffrey DimelowM 50-59Penistone FR69.55
95354Patsy FenelonF 45and+Goole Viking Striders70.37
9668Richard BeareM 40-44Unattached71.05
97234Andrew DixonM 39 and underSelby striders71.15
9853Matthew ParkinsonM 39 and underUnattached71.34
9937Vic TaylorM 60+Ackworth Road Runners71.56
10030Christopher RibyM 39 and underWhite City RRC72.46
101324Michaela SillF 34 and underRothwell Harriers72.59
10283Trevor WestonM 40-44Unattached73.20
10387David AndrewM 40-44Unattached73.20
10456Tony HopkinsM 60+Unattached73.21
10588Brian LowndesM 50-59Maltby RC73.36
10689Jim RustM 50-59Maltby RC73.36
10791Robert HoughtonM 50-59Maltby RC73.36
108228Fred DunnM 60+Dancaster AC73.44
109313Sue VicaryF 45and+Pocklington Runners73.53
110224David SpencerM 50-59Unattached74.39
111341Karen ParkerF 45and+Driffield Striders74.59
1125Norman BrittonM 50-59Unattached75.04
113349Lesley BellF 40-44Unattached75.08
114306Sandra GreavesF 40-44Rothwell Harriers75.13
11551Graham WhitworthM 50-59Wakefield Harriers & AC75.20
1167Mike ParkesM 45-49Unattached75.34
11743Keith JoplinM 60+Unattached75.35
118244S. GodfreyM 39 and underUnattached75.39
119334Hilary ThompsonF 45and+Unattached75.39
12036Peter BebbM 45-49Unattached75.43
121406Tamsin JeffreyF 34 and underRothwell Harriers75.52
12271Paul GrayM 40-44Doncaster AC75.55
12339David GreenwoodM 39 and underUnattached76.01
124405Samantha RitsonF 34 and underScunthorpe & District76.02
12520David McClachanM 40-44Unattached76.11
126321Carmel HarrisonF 45and+Rothwell Harriers76.12
127355Alison HoggarthF 35-39Goole Viking Striders76.13
12829Jim CarleyM 39 and underUnattached76.28
129305Diane CusworthF 35-39Doncaster & Stainforth AC76.34
130332Jackie WrightF 40-44Unattached76.56
131238Rob WithnallM 60+Hull Springhead Harriers77.40
132345Debbie GregoryF 40-44Unattached78.20
133402Angela PattinsonF 35-39Pudsey & Bramley78.44
13411John DavidsonM 50-59Road Runners Club78.54
13531Christopher DayM 50-59Scunthorpe80.21
13660David SingletonM 40-44Unattached80.31
1373Matthew KnightM 50-59Unattached80.38
138322Sharon WhitworthF 35-39Meltham AC81.10
139220John BreckonM 50-59Beverley AC82.11
140403Lynne ThompsonF 35-39Unattached82.13
141344Clare GayF 45and+Beverley82.43
142243Dave BarnesM 39 and underUnattached83.42
143408Tracey MaxwellF 40-44Unattached83.42
144337Denise WatsonF 45and+Hull Springhead Harriers83.49
145404Frieda CridefordF 45and+Maltby RC84.01
146350Julie Ann RowbothamF 40-44Unattached84.09
147311Sue KeebleF 45and+Unattached84.10
1484Ian TaylorM 39 and underDoncaster AC84.31
149319Keeley RidgeF 35-39West Yorks Police AA84.37
150407Donna LitchfieldF 40-44West Yorkshire Police84.37
15144David SearsM 50-59Maltby RC85.10
152310Sharon TummonsF 35-39Hull Springhead Harriers85.16
153241Greg HarrisonM 39 and underGVS85.25
154314Johanna VicaryF 34 and underPocklington Runners85.26
15527Tony DeanM 45-49Ackworth Road Runners85.45
15664Philip TongM 45-49Unattached86.03
157330Helen DewarF 40-44Unattached86.10
158323Majella DeanF 35-39Unattached86.13
159347Claire HarrisF 34 and underUnattached86.13
160200David KellM 45-49Unattached86.50
16148Stuart WorswickM 39 and underUnattached87.02
162219B TateM 50-59Askern Road Runners87.18
163353Marie-Claire BaileyF 34 and underAskern and District RC87.19
16455Larry GregoryM 50-59Unattached87.28
16576Andy PierceM 39 and underUnattached87.56
166326Christine RossF 35-39Unattached88.08
167325Samantha AldridgeF 35-39Selby Striders88.50
168304Maralyn MannifieldF 45and+Pocklington Runners89.19
169312Bridget BouttellF 40-44Doncaster & Stainforth AC91.05
170331Janet BebbF 40-44Unattached92.36
17116Paul AblettM 45-49Unattached92.39
172328Janet PrestonF 45and+Scunthorpe96.08
17323William MeinM 40-44Dewsbury Road Runners96.41
174327Michaela MeinF 34 and underDewsbury Road Runners96.41
175309Josephine ParkinF 45and+Unattached97.26
17654David PriorM 45-49Unattached98.30
17728Derek GillM 60+Bingley Harriers101.51
178318Rachel McCormackF 34 and underRothwell Harriers102.22
179317Lyndsey GrundyF 35-39Unattached102.36
180333Wendy DawsonF 34 and underUnattached108.08
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