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Wombwell 5, Barnsley

20th February 2005

Results courtesy of Dave Allemby for Wombwell SAC

lNeil Wilkinson Morpeth Harriers25.30
2Darren Middleton Barnsley A C26.33
3John Wanjohi Doncaster & Stainforth26.47
4Joe Gavelle Rotherham Harriers27.00
5Andrew Goodair Askern DRC28.06
6Nathan Elliott Wakefield H & AC28.08
7Garry Drury Rotherham Harriers28.09
8Paul PickupV40Barnsley A C28.26
9Gary Dean Border Harriers28.46
10Kristan McKenna Unattached28.58
11David BrooksbankV40Barnsley A C29.02
12Scott Bennett Unattached29.05
13Gary Moore N Shields Poly29.23
14Nigel BrookesV40Rotherham Harriers29.36
15William EvesV40Totley A C30.00
16David NuttallV40Rotherham30.02
17Paul Collingwood Askern DRC30.08
18Dean Winter Askern DRC30.21
19Daniel Gavelle Sheffield Triathlon Club30.24
20Natalie WhiteLHolmfirth Harriers30.36
21Amy GreenLKeighley & Craven30.38
22Gareth Darnell Rotherham Harriers30.40
23Victoria WhiteheadLValley Striders30.56
24Peter Burke Askern DRC31.02
25Lee CrowV50Kimberworth Striders31.11
26Grendon WoodV40Denby Dale Travellers31.24
27Dan Cooper Barnsley A C31.29
28Fiona DaviesLOne2One31.37
29Ian Clayforth Askern DRC31.46
30Sharon MarshallLWakefield H & AC31.55
31Keith SingletonV50Wakefield Harriers31.56
32Chris Bailey Hallamshire Harriers32.04
33Shaun James Unattached32.18
34Richard CapewellV40Unattached32.23
35Shirley GriffithsLWakefield H & AC32.29
36Melvin Wallace Milton Arms RC32.41
37John Bristow Unattached32.49
38Dave AllembyV40Wombwell S A C32.52
39Phil Tordoff Askern DRC33.11
40Gary MilnesV40East Cheshire Harriers33.21
41Dave BennettV50Barnsley A C33.24
42Mick Barber Maltby R C33.37
43John WroeV50Barnsley A C33.41
44Lesley EwartLV45Holmfirth Harriers33.49
45Stephen ProuseV40Unattached34.02
46Ian Micklewaithe One2One34.09
47Jim RustV50Maltby R C34.12
48Stephen BrookeV50Queensbury R C34.15
49Keith GordonV50Milton Arms R C34.20
50Guy Beaumont Unattached34.31
51Gavin HamiltonV40Maltby R C34.38
52Jenny WakemanLV45Barnsley A C34.40
53Keith BinneyV50Barnsley A C34.40
54Leanne GibsonLRotherham Harriers34.48
55Alan SchofieldV40Barnsley Harriers35.04
56Daniel Fitzakerley Wombwell S A C35.14
57Gary TophamV40Unattached35.15
58Morten Hansen Wombwell S A C35.16
59Michael DaviesV40Doncaster & Stainforth35.18
60Steven Bishop Wombwell S A C35.23
61Robert DaviesV40Milton Arms R C35.35
62Robert SharrattV40Ilkeston R C35.39
63Larry MuldowneyV50Doncaster & Stainforth35.42
64Andrew Fell Barnsley Harriers35.50
65John HewittV50Barnsley Harriers35.52
66Joanne BoltonLV35Unattached36.09
67Philip Adderley Hallamshire Harriers36.17
68Matt Roberts Unattached36.23
69Lesley HardwickLV35Barnsley A C36.26
70Malcolm RhodesV50Rotherham Harriers36.54
71David RobsonV40Unattached36.56
72Mary HartLV35Dark Peak F R37.04
73Louise LoveLOne2One37.08
74Clare DavidsonLUnattached37.16
75Keith DentonV40Unattached37.18
76Carol MilnesLV45East Cheshire Harriers37.19
77Katy LynchLWombwell S A C37.29
78Mark ChappellV40Wombwell S A C37.39
79Barbara RuslingLV35Maltby R C37.43
80Bill ClaytonV50Glossop Dale Harriers37.48
81Marion HarrisonLV45Barnsley A C37.50
82Alan WalkerV50Barnsley Harriers37.53
83Carl Hulett Wombwell S A C37.58
84Ian ChristophersonV50Barnsley Harriers38.02
85Daniel BattyV50Penistone F R38.06
86John SandersonV40Barnsley Harriers38.08
87Daniel O'BrianV40Cheshire Hash Harriers38.09
88George ThompsonV50Kimberworth Striders38.10
89Richard TwidaleV40Wakefield H & AC38.16
90Tim WadeV40One2One38.18
91Jerry Fisher Unattached38.20
92Colin DavidsonV40Unattached38.28
93Darryl King Unattached38.33
94Richard GreenV50Kimberworth Striders38.40
95Colin Harrison One2One38.46
96Richard PlunkettV40Unattached38.52
97Stuart AndersonV50Wakefield H & AC38.53
98Brian LowndesV50Maltby R C38.55
99John Skelton Unattached39.02
100Marie BurginLV35Barnsley Harriers39.12
101Melvin WoodV40Unattached39.15
102Roger CookV50Kimberworth Striders39.18
103Gordon FirthV50One2One39.20
104Graham Guest Denby Dale Travellers39.31
105Alan YatesV50Unattached40.08
106Samantha ParnellLV35Unattached40.46
107Carol WatsonLV45Erewash Valley40.57
108Carol BeattieLV45Unattached40.50
109Luke BradyV50Rotherham Harriers41.00
110Jim Shaw Unattached41.01
111Stephanie BorysewiczLV45Valley Hill41.07
112Valerie RiversLV45Kimberworth Striders41.18
113Ian KenvynV40Unattached41.20
114Peter StephensonV50Valley Striders41.23
115Sue SmithLV35Totley A C41.25
116Lloret LindleyLV35Barnsley Harriers41.28
117Chrissie LynchLWombwell S A C41.30
118Martin McLeanV50Barnsley Harriers41.39
119Steven Foulkes Unattached41.57
120Roderick RiversV50Kimberworth Striders42.02
121Ian GilbertV40Barnsley Harriers42.04
122Linden Bonson Unattached42.13
123Sue PittLV45Unattached42.29
124Carol ParsonsLV35Totley A C42.32
125Chris DaffernV40Valley Hill42.34
126Graham BentonV40Maltby R C42.40
127Brian SagarV50Wombwell S A C42.46
128Claire PlunkettLUnattached42.48
129Tom CraikV50Northern Vets A C42.48
130Michael Hague Unattached43.04
131Michael LyonsV50Unattached43.20
132Alan ScholesV40Ackworth R C43.22
133James AdamsV50Valley Hill43.30
134Melanie GreenLOne2One43.31
135Karen BaileyLV35Barnsley A C43.33
136Gary NockV40Unattached43.40
137Mick Barber Maltby R C44.06
138Jacqueline CarterLV35Spenborough A C44.06
139Pam McLeodLV45Valley Hill44.54
140Wayne Girdlestone Border Harriers45.43
141Jade HuntLWombwell Sporting A C45.48
142Adrian Allen Unattached46.20
143Alison O'BrianLV35Unattached46.23
144Vicki BristowLUnattached46.46
145Paul Goodall One2One46.47
146Julie LeeLV35Unattached47.01
147Rachel GrayLV35Barnsley Harriers47.41
148Victoria NockLBarnsley Harriers48.05
149Meg SimpsonLV35Spenborough AC48.18
150Ruth RewLV35Unattached49.04
151Amanda PearsonLV35Spenborough AC49.19
152Sarah RoebuckLV35Unattached49.28
153Dean Martin Unattached50.39
154Susan TaylorLV45Barnsley A C51.08
155Janet GuestLV45Denby Dale Travellers51.30

Men's Team Awards
1stBarnsley AC21 points2nd, 8th, 11th
2ndRotherham Harriers25 points4th, 7th, 14th
3rdAskern District RC40 points5th, 17th, 18th
Ladies' Team Awards
1stBarnsley AC37 points8th, 1th, 18th
2ndOne2One48 points4th, 13th, 31st
3rdBarnsley Harriers84 points19th, 26th, 39th
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