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South Yorkshire Road Race League - Race 4
Held at Hayfield Lakes - organised by Doncaster & Stainforth AC

8th June 2005

Results courtesy of Roy Veall
PlaceNameClubTimeAcc Time
1Darren NewbouldCity of Sheffield Harriers25:59(105:29)
2M. BroadheadHallamshire Harriers26:17 
3Mark HallGuest26:19 
4Dave NolanHallamshire Harriers27:15(109:33)
5S. BennettBarnsley AC27:17 
6John BroomBarnsley AC27:21(111:04)
7Liam BrennanSheffield Tri Club28:06(113:57)
8Simon MounseyRotherham Harriers28:28(118:24)
9Anthony EvansSheffield Tri Club28:49(115:52)
10Simon BennettGuest29:04 
11Jan O'BrienSheffield Tri Club29:22(118:33)
12Jonathan OgleHandsworth Roadhogs29:29(118:09)
13Paul CollingwoodAskern District RC29:38 
14Russell AtkinsonSheffield Tri Club29:40(124:21)
15Pete BurkeAskern District RC29:41(120:14)
1663Barnsley AC28:20 
17Simon GregoryRotherham Harriers29:50(117:02)
18Dean WinterAskern District RC30:05 
19David StoreyRotherham Harriers30:07(124:37)
20Dave ThompsonOne 2 One30:18(121:25)
21Ben Slater-ClaytonDoncaster & Stainforth AC30:19(122:43)
22Dan CooperBarnsley AC30:20 
23Mathew ButlerHallamshire Harriers30:21 
24Ron WheelerValley Hill Runners30:56(126:09)
25Daniel O'GradyAskern District RC31:00 
26Ian MicklethwaiteOne 2 One31:06(126:51)
27Tony CreedDoncaster & Stainforth AC31:45(129:01)
28Mark GodleyAskern District RC31:49(129:49)
29Mike GreerSteel City Striders31:57 
30Simon WilesSteel City Striders32:00 
31Neil ShawRotherham Harriers32:38(128:17)
32Michael BarberMaltby RC32:39 
33Shaun FerronAskern District RC32:40(133:43)
34Matthew AsbridgeRotherham Harriers32:53 
35Robin CloughSheffield Tri Club32:53 
36Kevin GutteridgeAskern District RC33:28(135:38)
37Tim NobleTotley AC33:35(136:00)
38Andy BondDoncaster & Stainforth AC33:35 
39Josh Lowe (Jnr)Doncaster & Stainforth AC33:37 
40Mike WarnesSteel City Striders33:41(133:59)
41Clive EastwoodDoncaster & Stainforth AC33:58(146:11)
42517Mexborough Pulse RC34:19 
43John RowePenistone Footpath Runners34:26 
44Paul RustMaltby RC34:40(134:57)
45Paul JarvisTotley AC34:43 
46Kevin RainsSteel City Striders34:55(143:13)
47No Number 35:06 
48Ian BrookesKimberworth Striders35:06(137:30)
49Mark TordoffSheffield Tri Club35:11 
50Phil HowsonSteel City Striders35:36 
51525Mexborough Pulse RC35:41 
52222Killamarsh Kestrels35:57 
53Jerry FisherBarnsley Harriers35:57(145:05)
54P WassGuest36:21 
55Ian WrightSheffield Tri Club36:25 
56Hayden PlattPenistone Footpath Runners36:27 
57Tony GoodierDoncaster & Stainforth AC36:40 
58Neil RowlandSteel City Striders36:50 
59Kevin RowlandSheffield Tri Club36:50 
60Ian DruryValley Hill Runners36:58 
61Tim MorrisValley Hill Runners37:09 
62Steve HayesOne 2 One37:54 
63Paul GrayDoncaster & Stainforth AC38:01(153:04)
64Andy ThompsonDoncaster & Stainforth AC38:12 
65Paul CampbellMexborough Pulse RC39:02(156:28)
66James HunterSteel City Striders39:57(159:49)
67Chris FellDoncaster & Stainforth AC41:07 
68Ian WadeHandsworth Roadhogs41:49 
69Paul GoodallOne 2 One44:07(174:45)
70Greg Cottam (Junior)Sheffield Tri Club45:02 
71Ian TaylorDoncaster & Stainforth AC48:22(185:19)
PlaceNameClubTimeAcc Time
1Simon WrightDoncaster & Stainforth AC26:06(105:59)
2John CoxHallamshire Harriers27:41(110:35)
3Nigel BrookesRotherham Harriers27:51 
4Rick WrightDoncaster & Stainforth AC29:45(121:06)
5Mark BuskwoodTotley AC30:10 
6John ComrieRotherham Harriers30:13(118:19)
7Barry FoundDoncaster & Stainforth AC30:15(123:28)
8Graham GoodwinAskern District RC30:37(125:24)
9Ian CharlesworthPenistone Footpath Runners31:07 
10John SpencerMexborough Pulse RC31:09(126:51)
11Martin BoothPenistone Footpath Runners31:26 
12Andy RowlandSheffield Tri Club31:55(127:37)
13Tony JonesDoncaster & Stainforth AC32:45(130:23)
14Steve PeacockDoncaster & Stainforth AC32:48(133:19)
15Mark HallSteel City Striders33:55(138:53)
16Gavin HamiltonMaltby RC34:13 
17Chris BoutellDoncaster & Stainforth AC34:48(138:39)
18Karl SmilesKimberworth Striders35:45 
19Alan CorishRotherham Harriers36:02(145:22)
20Martin KilburnOne 2 One36:36 
21Ronnie ManningSteel City Striders37:00 
22John McDermottKimberworth Striders37:26 
23Dave WadkinSteel City Striders39:30(160:24)
24Mick WheatcroftHandsworth Roadhogs40:21(168:54)
25Tony AshtonDoncaster & Stainforth AC40:23(165:08)
26Joe LinneyDoncaster & Stainforth AC40:33 
27Chris OxleyOne 2 One41:38 
1Kev NewmanDoncaster & Stainforth AC27:37(110:49)
2Dave BrooksbankBarnsley AC27:48 
3Pete NealRotherham Harriers28:36(115:00)
4Tony VoutAskern District RC29:15(117:32)
5Drew DonaldsonRotherham Harriers29:25 
6Colin WestSteel City Striders29:33 
7Pete BrownSteel City Striders29:42(120:03)
8Terry EastwoodRotherham Harriers29:57(120:30)
9Steve DurdyMaltby RC30:19(121:21)
10Paul BondDoncaster & Stainforth AC30:56 
11Paul VenablesRotherham Harriers31:00 
12Dave BeechSteel City Striders31:15(125:53)
13Neil StaffordDoncaster & Stainforth AC31:23(127:59)
14Pete WadeDoncaster & Stainforth AC32:00(129:00)
15Pete StanleyPenistone Footpath Runners32:29 
16Stuart WoodheadPenistone Footpath Runners32:36(130:53)
17Phil EddisonRotherham Harriers32:56 
18Ian WraggPenistone Footpath Runners33:43(136:39)
19Ellis BrookesMexborough Pulse RC34:16 
20Nick PatrickSheffield Tri Club34:18(142:15)
21Malc LeggattDoncaster & Stainforth AC34:32(137:50)
22Graham FlanaganDoncaster & Stainforth AC35:31 
23John DixHandsworth Roadhogs36:00 
24Dave WrightRotherham Harriers36:04(145:52)
25Malc GreenDoncaster & Stainforth AC36:08(145:12)
26Mick DaviesDoncaster & Stainforth AC36:23 
27Tim WadeOne 2 One38:34 
28Paul HorsfallHandsworth Roadhogs39:20(155:28)
29Jeff LedgerSheffield Tri Club41:59 
30Will LiversidgeKimberworth Striders44:17 
31Ken ClaytonDoncaster & Stainforth AC46:54(186:43)
1Pete GoodallBarnsley AC28:00 
2Mick PageDoncaster & Stainforth AC28:16(113:48)
3Mike QuinnCity of Sheffield Harriers28:39(115:57)
4Steve GainesRotherham Harriers29:11 
5Martin HerringtonRotherham Harriers29:31(119:02)
6John LynchMexborough Pulse RC30:10(122:16)
7Richard BoryValley Hill Runners30:22 
8Dave McCabeDoncaster & Stainforth AC30:23(123:56)
9Bob PringleSheffield Tri Club30:31(122:17)
10Kev LincolnDoncaster & Stainforth AC30:52 
11Mick HendersonSheffield Tri Club31:10(124:43)
12Dave ParrySteel City Striders31:39 
13Bob InnesPenistone Footpath Runners31:44(130:33)
14Graham WerrettAskern District RC31:47(133:16)
15Nigel KentCity of Sheffield Harriers32:09(125:10)
16Jim RustMaltby RC32:33(129:45)
17Roy NixonKimberworth Striders32:36(133:19)
18George StimpsonAskern District RC32:39(133:47)
19Phil BurtAskern District RC32:44 
20Chris HorsfallHandsworth Roadhogs32:46(133:29)
21Stan WilliamsAskern District RC33:42 
22T. BaileyBarnsley AC33:47 
23Mick ClarksonSheffield Tri Club35:14 
24Dave FosterPenistone Footpath Runners35:18(141:18)
25Paddy GeogheganMaltby RC35:22(142:08)
26Dave DentonSteel City Striders35:44 
27Paul HetheringtonValley Hill Runners36:09(144:06)
28Geoff DimlowPenistone Footpath Runners37:04(149:03)
29Richard GreenKimberworth Striders37:27(150:56)
30Roger KenyonSheffield Tri Club37:37(147:58)
31Pete McGowanAskern District RC38:08(153:42)
32Alan BurgessHandsworth Roadhogs40:36(165:00)
33Barry TateAskern District RC45:32(177:48)
PlaceNameClubTimeAcc Time
1Robert TintingerMexborough Pulse RC30:33(121:53)
2Pete WakefieldSteel City Striders30:42(128:16)
3Steve TannerCity of Sheffield Harriers31:31(130:20)
4Mick CaseyBarnsley AC32:02(130:52)
5Mike TheobaldHallamshire Harriers32:11 
6Dave BennettBarnsley AC32:15 
7Geoff HayesBarnsley Harriers32:26(130:23)
8Terry FoxHallamshire Harriers32:28(132:56)
9Brian LowndesMaltby RC34:00(136:03)
PlaceNameClubTimeAcc Time
10Martyn CartwrightPenistone Footpath Runners35:51(142:09)
11Dave NicholsSteel City Striders36:22(145:07)
12Malcolm RhodesRotherham Harriers37:02(149:44)
13Paul SmithDoncaster & Stainforth AC37:11(149:06)
14Roger StevensonSteel City Striders37:52 
15Steve MillwoodPenistone Footpath Runners38:11(161:12)
16Dave FearnWomb40:39(165:47)
17Alan WalkerOne 2 One43:11(177:04)
18Murray WinnellSheffield Tri Club43:53 
1Pete RowlandDoncaster & Stainforth AC29:39 
2Dave TrickettHallamshire Harriers31:10(123:10)
3Robin AconleyDoncaster & Stainforth AC32:43(131:37)
4John HewittBarnsley Harriers34:30(136:22)
5Mick HobsonSteel City Striders34:33(145:23)
6Dave BrownDoncaster & Stainforth AC34:35 
7Chris FirthDoncaster & Stainforth AC34:47 
8Rod ScholesBarnsley AC34:50 
9Pete HumphriesRotherham Harriers35:54(144:08)
10Allan BamfordCity of Sheffield Harriers36:17(148:00)
11George ThompsonKimberworth Striders37:07(149:39)
12Gordon FirthOne 2 One37:56(157:48)
13Bernard JonesAskern District RC38:34(155:43)
14Ken DaurisBarnsley Harriers38:34 
15Fred DunnDoncaster & Stainforth AC38:55(159:23)
16Paul ParkinPenistone Footpath Runners39:39 
17Jim AdamsValley Hill Runners41:09(167:02)
18Ray BrownPenistone Footpath Runners42:00(158:51)
19Brian PatchetHandsworth Roadhogs42:02(169:55)
20Graham GoughHandsworth Roadhogs42:34 
21Dave WeatherburnRotherham Harriers44:47 
1Jenny BizardRotherham Harriers28:30(117:15)
2Nicola SquiresHallamshire Harriers30:30(122:23)
3Joanne SeymourHallamshire Harriers30:41(125:54)
4Fiona DaviesOne 2 One30:45(124:56)
5Kaeti McKenzieOne 2 One32:14(132:25)
6Leanne GibsonRotherham Harriers33:45(137:52)
7Mary O'SheaDoncaster & Stainforth AC33:50(138:15)
8Sue BellemyRotherham Harriers34:27(139:44)
9Beth MasseyBarnsley AC34:32(138:23)
10Helen BrownTotley AC34:45(141:32)
11Annabell CooteTotley AC35:02(141:45)
12Lindsay RustMaltby RC35:29(145:22)
13Jo GoodierDoncaster & Stainforth AC35:39 
14Jenny FeatherstoneTotley AC35:59 
15Natalie MilwardTotley AC36:25(144:47)
16Judith SteegerOne 2 One39:14(158:58)
17Mel GreenOne 2 One42:08(164:08)
18Sarah AppleybyAskern District RC42:10(169:45)
19Helen YoungTotley AC42:20(172:29)
20Gail WrightHandsworth Roadhogs44:31 
1Jane AyresDoncaster & Stainforth AC31:51(129:32)
2Anita CavellRotherham Harriers33:58(136:35)
3Lesley HardwickBarnsley AC35:47(142:21)
4Alison GreenDoncaster & Stainforth AC37:15(149:32)
5Cheryl BradburyHandsworth Roadhogs39:22(163:49)
6Anne BeresfordHandsworth Roadhogs39:44 
7Sarah JarvisTotley AC40:15(165:39)
8Jude WebbValley Hill Runners41:54 
9Diane CusworthDoncaster & Stainforth AC42:42 
1Pippa WeirTotley AC32:19(132:25)
2Babara RuslingMaltby RC35:28(144:18)
3Janine CraythorneDoncaster & Stainforth AC36:28(148:44)
4Bev SuttonValley Hill Runners36:52(149:59)
5Sue CharlesworthPenistone Footpath Runners38:26 
6Estelle BrownSheffield Tri Club38:50(151:59)
7Angela FordKimberworth Striders39:46 
8Caroline AbbottDoncaster & Stainforth AC40:00 
9Carole PousonsTotley AC40:02 
10Sharon MerrillsRotherham Harriers40:09(159:44)
11Andrea PageDoncaster & Stainforth AC40:11(162:46)
12Jackie SimpsonTotley AC40:53 
13Jane CockertonPenistone Footpath Runners41:05 
14Judith MallonValley Hill Runners44:15 
15Liz StathamOne 2 One46:25(179:30)
1Linda WestlakeBarnsley AC34:22(139:02)
2Karen OsborneMaltby RC35:13(143:20)
3Jan HuttonTotley AC36:29(147:09)
4Kathy AttwoodTotley AC37:46(153:50)
5Faye HodgkinsonSheffield Tri Club39:30(158:51)
6Pam CorlasDoncaster & Stainforth AC52:54 
1Patricia MullerRotherham Harriers36:06 
2M. HarrisonBarnsley AC36:43(148:38)
3Chris LoweDoncaster & Stainforth AC36:59(149:56)
4Yvonne TwelvetreeTotley AC38:36 
5Anne BennettBarnsley AC39:29(163:27)
6Steph BoryValley Hill Runners40:47(161:35)
7Jenny HoranRotherham Harriers41:29(169:26)
Teams after Event 3
 At Hayfield Lakes  Final Placings 
1Barnsley A.C.113:181Sheffield Tri Club468:06
2Sheffield Tri Club115:572Rotherham Harriers481:18
3Askern D.R.C.120:243Askern D.R.C.487:35
4Rotherham Harriers121:034Doncaster & Stainforth A.C.504:50
5Doncaster & Stainforth A.C.129:165Steel City Striders547:23
6Steel City Striders132:336One to One552:06
7One to One143:25   
1Doncaster & Stainforth A.C.81:591Doncaster & Stainforth A.C.330:36
2Rotherham Harriers85:382Rotherham Harriers347:16
3Barnsley A.C.87:503Steel City Striders359:46
4Steel City Striders89:574Barnsley A.C.361:56
5Hallamshire Harriers91:025Hallamshire Harriers364:37
6Askern D.R.C.91:396City of Sheffield A.C.368:53
7Mexborough Pulse91:527Mexborough Pulse371:00
8City of Sheffield A.C.92:198Sheffield Tri Club371:48
9Sheffield Tri Club93:369Askern D.R.C.371:53
10Penistone F.R.94:1710Maltby R.C.384:24
11Maltby R.C.96:5211Penistone F.R.384:38
12Kimberworth Striders105:2812Barnsley Harriers409:01
13Barnsley Harriers105:3013Handsworth Roadhogs415:13
14Valley Hill Striders107:4014Kimberworth Striders415:33
15Handsworth Roadhogs108:0615Valley Hill Striders441:15
16One to One113:0616One to One463:29
1Rotherham Harriers96:131Rotherham Harriers391:19
2Doncaster & Stainforth A.C.101:202Doncaster & Stainforth A.C.406:51
3Totley A.C.102:063One to One413:43
4One to One102:134Totley A.C.415:36
5Barnsley A.C.104:415Barnsley A.C.419:46
6Maltby R.C.106:106Maltby R.C.433:00
7Valley Hill Striders119:337Valley Hill Striders481:49
8Handsworth Roadhogs123:37   
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