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Spencers Dash 3.7, Barnsley

4th May 2005

Results courtesy of Helen Jones for Barnsley AC
Pos NameCatClubTimePointsTotal Points
1210Darren Middleton Barnsley AC20.211938
2213Scott Wilson Hallamshire H20.562828
3189Peter GoodallSBarnsley AC21.342958
4927Paul YoungVHallamshire H21.471818
5274Mark Lawson Longwood H21.551734
6945Gary Dean Penistone FR21.581632
7803Mark LawVBarnsley AC22.072744
8726Craig Alwash Barnsley H22.171515
9418Andrew Raynes Hallamshire H22.291414
10624Keith WilliamsSSpenboro AC22.321630
11956Philip Procter Barnsley AC22.462338
12152Michael Huxley Barnsley AC22.471212
13291Paul VenablesVRotherham H22.591515
14293Richard LeeVSpenboro AC23.102424
15961Grendon WoodVU/A23.141313
16584Shaun Swallow Barnsley H23.172121
17226Roy HartSBarnsley AC23.192232
18861Andrew WatersVBarnsley AC23.222143
19946Damien Kilpin Penistone FR2.3322032
20749Dan Cooper Barnsley AC23.331919
21811Fiona DaviesLOne 2 One23.432958
22618Keith SingletonSWakefield H23.591010
23670Bridget CoomberLVDenby Dale Tr24.002856
24690Mark Hurrell Barnsley AC24.33819
25260Kelvin BowskillVPenistone FR24.4299
26187Alan Knox Barnsley H24.48717
2731Dave Harling Barnsley U/A24.51614
28893Mick CaseySBarnsley AC25.0288
29776I Micklethwaite One 2 One25.041534
30958Steve CareyVMiddleton AC25.0577
31725James Scholes Longwood H25.10410
32386John WroeSBarnsley AC25.111619
33787Trevor BaileySBarnsley AC25.141519
34756Mark BerryVBarnsley AC26.081414
35731Guy Beaumont Barnsley U/A26.19310
36875Andrew Chalkley Barnsley U/A26.1926
37962Steven ProctorVU/A26.2633
38278A Galvin Barnsley H26.4811
3954R HardcastleSLongwood H26.5727
40957Dave FosterSPenistone FR27.0511
41836Pete WilliamsVBarnsley U/A27.1002
42796Tim WadeVOne 2 One27.471020
43480Geoff DimelowVPenistone FR28.0101
44287Colin Harrison One 2 One28.1900
45923Susan CharlesworthLVPenistone FR28.212751
46652Paul SmithVBarnsley AC28.251010
47917Anna OutlawLDenby Dale Tr28.502651
485Kathleen BranklinLVMilton Arms29.431515
49929John Skelton U/A30.1401
50840Judith SteegerLOne 2 One30.271414
51959David BedfodVDenby Dale Tr30.3100
52955Melanie GreenLOne 2 One30.532335
53502Claire KayeLMeltham AC31.011222
54774Chris Oxley One 2 One31.1500
55947Rosalind BedfordLVDenby Dale Tr31.372130
56800Paul Goodall One 2 One32.0300
57817David TownendVDenby Dale Tr32.301010
58472Sharon WhitworthLVMeltham AC32.471021
59889Edward Townend Denby Dale Tr34.3200
60960Rachel BrombyLDenby Dale Tr35.3399
61732David StockdaleVDenby Dale Tr35.3300
The two columns after your time show your points scored in this race and for the year.
Prizes are usually awarded at the end of each season on the basis of points scored in
the series of races during the year.  So to get a chance of a prize, you must take part
in as many races as possible, attain a good position and improve your Personal Best. 	
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