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Steve Rothwell Memorial 4, Rochdale

27th April 2005

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
I would like to thank everyone concerned in this event which raised monies for the Steve Rothwell Wish Fund. The total amount is not yet known. Andy O’Sullivan MBE Race Organiser
1K. Chapman Salford Harriers20.29
2L. Passco Clayton-le-Moors Harriers21.07
3A. Buttery Rossendale Harriers21.38
4T. ChewV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers21.55
5T. Davies Oldham & Royton AC22.03
6A. Pilling Rochdale Tri Club22.07
7J. Buckley Accrington Road Runners22.17
8B. Crowther Halifax Harriers22.42
9M. Seed Salford Harriers22.57
10P. WadsworthJunRossendale Harriers23.02
11F. ReillyV55Stockport Harriers23.14
12J. Wieczorek Accrington Road Runners23.15
13P. BoltonJunRossendale Harriers23.25
14T. WallerV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers23.49
15J. Thompson Unattached24.12
16D. DanielsJunSalford Harriers24.24
17K. EdgeV40Rochdale Tri Club24.34
18Claire McKenna Horwich RMI Harriers24.58
19M. Betts Middleton Harriers25.10
20D. Bentley Unattached25.13
21Julie HaworthV35Horwich RMI Harriers25.20
22K. ParkinsonV50Todmorden Harriers25.26
23G. Hodgkinson Unattached25.53
24C. RobinsonV40Andems25.56
25G. McCulloughV40Rochdale Tri Club26.00
26S. Symons YMCA26.02
27Rebecca Avenessian YMCA26.18
28M. WiddupV40Unattached26.32
29M. BowkleyV50Accrington Road Runners26.36
30S. LeakV40Rochdale Harriers26.36
31S. HartleyV45Burnley AC26.40
32G. Hahn Rochdale Tri Club26.46
33G. ParrV55Rochdale Harriers26.59
34S. SeniorV50Middleton Harriers27.03
35J. Burke Rochdale Harriers27.06
36Heather Corbishley Rossendale Harriers27.07
37Huma RahmanV35Rochdale Harriers27.16
38Jan NeedhamV50Rochdale Harriers27.27
39K. TurnerV40Rochdale Tri Club27.32
40P. Collinson NCC27.35
41C. MatleyJunUnattached27.38
42V. BrodrickV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers27.41
43Vanessa HamletV35Rossendale Harriers27.52
44P. Lawrence Darwen Dashers28.03
45J. Rothwell Unattached28.23
46M. Warburton Unattached28.29
47G. NavanV60Rossendale Harriers28.34
48D. KeeleyV45Rossendale Harriers28.43
49D. Whitehead Rochdale Harriers28.48
50D. SinnottV55Saddleworth Runners28.52
51G. RichardsV50Middleton Harriers29.02
52N. Allen Rochdale Tri Club29.02
53M. Ashcroft Unattached29.10
54M. WilsonV45Unattached29.27
55Anna BlomfieldV40Rochdale Harriers29.34
56S. Egerton NCC29.36
57Kim MolyneuxV50Middleton Harriers29.37
58Kyrinda H. MooreV35Middleton Harriers29.46
59W. Pinser HCC29.56
60P. RobertsV55Rochdale Harriers30.02
61R. SmithV45Middleton Harriers30.09
62J. TaylorV55Darwen Dashers30.17
63A. Cotterill Andems30.17
64Jennifer Mawson Unattached30.17
65R. Yarwood TransPennine Cycle Club30.24
66E. MooneyV45Rochdale Harriers30.24
67M. Barrett Unattached30.26
68Christine BrooksV50Middleton Harriers30.28
69R. AllenV40Unattached30.31
70Sandra CotterillV35Rochdale Harriers30.42
71D. WilliamsV40Salford Harriers30.46
73V. Ashton Radcliffe AC31.16
74T. WilsonJunUnattached31.24
75L. Kenny Unattached31.25
76E. Reed Unattached31.34
77W. Young Unattached31.36
78Tracy Lawless Unattached31.39
79M. HallV45Unattached31.42
80Lou GilchristV70Valley Striders31.43
81B. KnoxV50Unattached31.44
82Rebecca Clayton Unattached31.49
83Sophia Galvin Unattached31.50
84R. Johnston Unattached32.01
85Linda EvansJunRochdale Harriers32.04
86Collette AllenV40Unattached32.06
87G. Tattersall NCC32.07
88T. TothamV40Chorley Harriers32.24
89P. DaviesV65Saddleworth Runners32.34
90Charisse Healey Unattached32.36
91Jane ButterworthV40Unattached32.37
92Jill HutchinsonV40Rochdale Harriers32.40
93Christine DeaseyV40Rochdale Harriers32.40
94Karen Wells Unattached32.41
95Emma CooperJunRochdale Harriers32.46
96D. DicksonV60Rossendale Harriers32.48
97M. Worthington NCC32.53
98J. SmethurstJunUnattached32.55
99T. SmethurstV40Unattached32.55
100S. Haigherty HH32.58
101D. Clarke Unattached32.59
102J. Evans Darwen Dashers33.05
103N. Morrison Unattached33.07
104Carol EvansJunRochdale Harriers33.15
105Janet PennockV40Rochdale Harriers33.19
106Helen CavanaghV40Andems33.36
107Lesley Rhodes Rochdale Harriers33.39
108K. BennettV40Unattached33.52
109R. BrownV45Unattached33.52
110P. Flinders Rochdale Tri Club34.11
111S. WillisV50Unattached34.24
112Helen Mills Rochdale Tri Club34.26
113Berni GreenhalghV45Chorley Harriers34.48
114Linda RhodesV50Middleton Harriers35.11
115Sian Gilbertson Rochdale Harriers35.13
116Pauline CooperV45Rochdale Harriers35.34
117D. Kirk Unattached35.38
118Gay DicksonV55Rossendale Harriers35.42
119Jon Rothwell Unattached35.46
120Katherine Rhodes Unattached35.49
121Katie OscroftV40Halifax Harriers35.49
122Allyson BrettV40Middleton Harriers36.01
123Catherine Nugent Unattached36.04
124Christine NavanV60Rossendale Harriers36.12
125S. Butterworth Unattached36.25
126Nicole ChaddertonV40Rochdale Tri Club36.32
127M. Beesley Unattached36.36
128M. NewallV40HH37.06
129S. AllcockV40Unattached37.06
130Sarah Metcalfe Rochdale Harriers37.36
131Joanne AstridgeV40Rochdale Harriers37.40
132Sylvia DeckerV55Rochdale Harriers38.42
133Claire JonesJunUnattached38.43
134A. Grant Unattached38.43
135D. TomkinsonV60Rochdale Harriers38.47
136Jackie LeakV45Rochdale Harriers38.53
137Lynn Sanderson Unattached38.54
138Alyson SmithV40Unattached38.56
139Vic BakerV55HH38.58
140S. Haigherty HH39.17
141Julia Haigherty HH40.01
142N. AndersonV45Unattached40.01
143M. McCain  40.25
144Carla Walch HH40.42
145D. AshworthV40HH40.50
146Sue HoggV40Unattached40.50
147Jill WellingsV45Rochdale Harriers41.36
148Summer Groves Rochdale Harriers42.37
149Wendy MillsV45Unattached42.37
150Joy WhitworthV45Unattached42.37
151L. L. CheungV45Unattached46.11
152Angela McKenzieV35Unattached46.11
153No. 259? ?46.11
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