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Graham Richards Memorial Road & Race, Whitworth, Rochdale

6th November 2005

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
1P. Greene Sale Harriers Manchester26.26
2R. JacksonV40Horwich RMI Harriers27.03
3P. BlackshawV40Middleton Harriers27.26
4D. BrocklehurstJMTrafford AC28.15
5A. Pilling Rochdale Tri29.07
6S. RussellJMRossendale Harriers29.25
7I. Pudge Rossendale Harriers29.34
8M. ProctorJMRochdale Harriers29.46
9I. IrelandV40Middleton Harriers29.49
10G. Raven Sale Harriers Manchester30.41
11M. AndertonV40Todmorden Harriers30.49
12S. AndertonV45Todmorden Harriers30.57
13A. KellyJMRossendale Harriers31.15
14K. RussellJMRossendale Harriers31.18
15S. Rennie Middleton Harriers31.32
16J. KershawV55Rochdale Tri31.47
17J. Halligan Andems32.30
18M. Betts Middleton Harriers32.39
19G. McCulloughV40Rochdale Tri33.02
20G. Hahn Rochdale Harriers33.31
21A. LoweV45Middleton Harriers33.46
22B. MooreV40Unattached33.50
23C. Allen Rossendale Harriers34.04
24Josefa Terin Rochdale Harriers34.05
25L. WardleV40Unattached34.09
26S. SeniorV50Middleton Harriers34.38
27B. PooleV50Middleton Harriers34.48
28A. O’SullivanV50Andems35.12
29R. BownessV55Salford Harriers35.31
30N. StansfieldV40Rochdale Harriers35.48
31Natasha Coggin Saddleworth Runners36.38
32J. MayallV40Rochdale Harriers36.44
33M. BullV55Middleton Harriers36.53
34J. Worrall Middleton Harriers37.16
35R. YarwoodV40Rochdale Tri37.19
36Julie Holden Rossendale Harriers37.22
37R. WilliamsV45Middleton Harriers37.33
38R. Lees Unattached37.37
39R. WormaldV40Unattached37.47
40Theresa HollinsV50 38.00
41T. HeatonJMDarwen Dashers38.42
42T. KasprowiczV40Road Runners Club39.03
43R. WarrenderV45Road Runners Club39.03
44Barbara BaylissV50Swinton Running Club39.24
45Emma CooperJFRochdale Harriers39.46
46D. MelvinV55Saddleworth Runners39.57
47J. RhodesV65Northern Vets AC39.59
48Kristin Johnson Rochdale Harriers40.08
49P. CooperV40Unattached40.28
50Christine DeaseyV40Rochdale Harriers40.32
51S. JonesV45Road Runners Club40.36
52D. DicksonV60Rossendale Harriers40.40
53Tracey Lawless Middleton Harriers40.52
54D. ClutterbuckV70Todmorden Harriers40.59
55Wendy GrundyV50Middleton Harriers41.04
56Andrea Worrall Middleton Harriers41.06
57L. LoftV40Unattached41.10
58Nicole ChaddertonV40Rochdale Tri41.14
59Jenny PooleV50Middleton Harriers41.25
60Carole BownessV55Middleton Harriers41.25
61Lesley Rhodes Rochdale Harriers42.31
62Pat WilliamsV50Middleton Harriers42.51
63Helen Mills Rochdale Tri43.55
64Pauline CooperV45Rochdale Harriers44.32
65G. StephensV50Rochdale Tri44.32
66C. BrennanV40Unattached44.32
67Jill HutchinsonV40Rochdale Harriers45.17
68Gay DicksonV60Rossendale Harriers45.31
69Lesley Green Middleton Harriers47.04
70A. Wrigley Unattached47.54
71Joanne AstridgeV40Rochdale Harriers48.34
72Alison LambV50Middleton Harriers48.52
73K. WhittakerV50Saddleworth Runners48.54
74J. CoxV55Middleton Harriers48.55
75Melody ThompsonV40Middleton Harriers49.48
76Janice PughV45Middleton Harriers58.25
77Nicky Whitham Unattached58.25
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