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Vera Hirst Charity 5k, Littleborough, Rochdale

23rd March 2005

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
1S. Bailey Sale Harriers Manchester15.36
2J. CordingleyV45Bingley Harriers15.47
3M. AspinallV45Northern Vets AC16.09
4D. Lockett Salford Harriers16.42
5N. Thompson Lytham St Annes Runners16.43
6S. Monk Blackburn Harriers16.57
7P. TaylorV45Rossendale Harriers16.59
8J. HareJunHalifax Harriers17.02
9P. WadsworthJunRossendale Harriers17.11
10B. Crowther Halifax Harriers17.12
11M. BrownV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers17.27
12S. MooreV55Lytham St Annes Runners17.29
13S. Clawson Rossendale Harriers17.42
14A. Brown Unattached17.47
15O. Flage Oldham & Royton AC17.48
16A. Sattler Royton Road Runners17.54
17J. ChaplinV45Chorley Harriers17.55
18P. BoltonJunRossendale Harriers18.00
19C. LeachV45Rochdale Harriers18.01
20P. Crabtree Keighley & Craven AC18.13
21Amy Green Keighley & Craven AC18.16
22P. BoardmanV40Horwich RMI Harriers18.24
23M. HallinanJunHallamshire18.33
24G. Cassidy Altrincham & Dist. AC18.34
25P. WhiteheadV45Royton Road Runners18.36
26J. HudsonV55Oldham & Royton AC18.37
27B. Goodwin Royton Road Runners18.46
28A. ClarksonV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers18.49
29D. Shaw Salford Harriers18.50
30Sue BecconsallV45Bingley Harriers18.52
31J. Williamson Royton Road Runners19.02
32B. GreavesV45Oldham & Royton AC19.07
33I. AitchisonV45Rochdale Harriers19.08
34J. KellyJunRossendale Harriers19.13
35Anna KellyV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers19.18
36M. ManningsJunOldham & Royton AC19.21
37S. McCafferty Holmfirth Harriers19.24
38J. WharfV55Stockport Harriers19.39
39Sally Corbin Pudsey Pacers19.31
40D. BarberV60Bingley Harriers19.32
41B. CassidyV45Royton Road Runners19.33
42R. O’HaraV40Longwood Harriers19.34
43C. RobinsonV40Andems19.40
44J. DoddV50Todmorden Harriers19.41
45R. Wilson Unattached19.43
46S. GreenV50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers19.44
47J. HigginsV50Royton Road Runners19.48
48G. MilnesV45East Cheshire Harriers19.55
49P. HoganV50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers19.56
50M. LongV55Bingley Harriers19.57
51K. ParkinsonV50Todmorden Harriers19.58
52Donna Allen Radcliffe AC20.01
53Carole WaterhouseV40Hallamshire20.05
54R. Corney Hallamshire20.07
55G. Navesey Oldham & Royton AC20.08
56P. McNamara Salford Harriers20.11
57Jenny Woodward Bingley Harriers20.18
58S. HareV40Hallamshire20.21
59Ros DunningtonV50East Cheshire Harriers20.25
60Jade HartleyJunPendle AC20.31
61P. WilliamsV45Oldham & Royton AC20.32
62M. Betts Middleton Harriers20.37
63C. EaversV50Royton Road Runners20.40
64S. BoltonV40Unattached20.44
65D. AthertonV50Oldham & Royton AC20.46
66D. Freer Royton Road Runners20.47
67S. HartleyV45Burnley20.48
68D. Conneran Rossendale Harriers20.49
69R. WlodarczykV50East Cheshire Harriers20.50
70M. Patel East Cheshire Harriers20.56
71C. Taylor Unattached20.57
72R. Rands Unattached20.58
73G. ParrV55Rochdale Harriers21.06
74J. CordwellV50Royton Road Runners21.13
75Karen TaylorV45Rossendale Harriers21.14
76D. BurgessV40Royton Road Runners21.26
77Huma RahmanV35Rochdale Harriers21.27
78Nicola Lavin Road Runners Club21.30
79T. DanielsV55Salford Harriers21.31
80Louise ClarksonV35Oldham & Royton AC21.34
81P. Laurence Darwen Dashers21.45
82S. Connolly Royton Road Runners21.54
83S. WardleJunUnattached21.55
84S. SeniorV50Middleton Harriers21.37
85S. BrookV55Queensbury RC22.13
86C. DehanV60East Cheshire Harriers22.15
87C. DrakeV60Spenborough & Dist AC22.15
88Davina Raidy Rossendale Harriers22.16
89N. GottsV50Rossendale Harriers22.17
90Linda CrabtreeV45Hallamshire22.23
91Bethan FaulknerJunHorwich RMI Harriers22.25
92P. RobertsV55Rochdale Harriers22.29
93D. SinnottV55Saddleworth Runners22.41
94Carol MilnesV45East Cheshire Harriers22.43
95J. Sutcliffe Radcliffe AC22.49
96G. MeynellV60Royton Road Runners23.00
97W. MurgatroydV50Unattached23.08
98Lisa Riddall Rochdale Harriers23.28
99J. GriffinV45Bury23.35
100M. RowleyV50Middleton Harriers23.44
101Grace AthertonJunOldham & Royton AC24.10
102M. ManningsJunOldham & Royton AC24.24
103Helen Knight Royton Road Runners24.29
104Sandra CotterillV35Rochdale Harriers24.31
105D. Mannings Oldham & Royton AC24.33
106Christine DeaseyV40Rochdale Harriers24.39
107B. ArmisteadV55Oldham & Royton AC24.41
108Linda RiddallV50Rochdale Harriers24.58
109B. PrestV45Rochdale Harriers25.12
110Liz WhitworthV35Middleton Harriers25.28
111Jill HutchinsonV40Rochdale Harriers25.48
112Jodie Fairbrother Oldham & Royton AC25.55
113Louise GilchristV70Valley Striders25.56
114T. HunkingV50Royton Road Runners26.04
115T. TothamV40Chorley Harriers26.08
116J. Evans Darwen Dashers26.26
117Glenis SpeakV50Northern Vets AC26.27
118P. GalaV40Unattached26.40
119D. DicksonV60Rossendale Harriers26.58
120Helen CavanaghV40Unattached27.25
121J. RhodesV60Northern Vets AC27.15
122Linda RhodesV50Middleton Harriers27.30
123Denise SutcliffeV40Radcliffe AC27.34
124Berni GreenhalghV50Chorley Harriers27.35
125Cath SattlerV35Royton Road Runners27.36
126D. OrchistonJunDarwen Dashers27.55
127J. TaylorV55Darwen Dashers27.56
128Allison BrettV40Middleton Harriers28.06
129Catherine Nugent Unattached28.24
130Kathryn Wilkinson Unattached28.50
131G. Wilkinson Clayton-le-Moors Harriers28.51
132J. RocheV45Clayton-le-Moors Harriers28.52
133J. NewbyV70Todmorden Harriers29.08
134P. BrooksV70Northern Vets AC29.25
135D. Evans Unattached29.32
136Gay DicksonV55Rossendale Harriers30.02
137Lucy GlasierV40Unattached31.03
138June AllinghamV60Royton Road Runners31.12
139Linda ChaddertonV55Royton Road Runners31.16
140Marilyn GuestV50Royton Road Runners36.01
141Yvonne WaterhouseV60Hallamshire37.46
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