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12th July 2002

Thanks to everyone who supported our trail race series, especially this final race, after the disaster with the weather in race 2. We will be back on 18th August with the Blackburn 10k over a new route which we hope will be an improvement over the original. We will hold at least one trail race in 2003 and full details will appear on this site in due course. If you have a preference for one route over the other out of the 2 hill routes, please let me know! Well done to Nicola Duane who, despite finishing at the tail end, we understand raised 500 in sponsorship for Asthma research.
1461 Matt PlanoM(1/12)Trafford Athletics Club25.47
2472 Thomas CornthwaiteMJ(1/3)Hyndburn27.17
3243 Garth WilliamsM(2/12)Unattached27.30
4624 C FitzpatrickM(3/12)Hyndburn28.07
5195 David MulveeM(4/12)Chorley Harriers28.17
6376 Alan AltyM40(1/7)Chorley Harriers29.01
7227 Tom AshworthM(5/12)Chorley Harriers29.12
8388 Malc ChristieM40(2/7)Chorley Harriers29.18
9119 Brian HanleyM(6/12)Unattached29.33
106610 Brent HogganM(7/12)Accrington Road Runners29.56
113511 Eric WilsonM45(1/7)Darwen Dashers30.05
122512 David GaskellM40(3/7)Accrington Road Runners30.15
132013 Ian CrabtreeM(8/12)Chorley Harriers30.43
144514 Nigel BarnesM(9/12)Darwen Dashers30.51
1543 1Vanessa PeacockF45(1/4)Clayton Le Moors Harriers31.47
165215 Martin BennettMJ(2/3)Chorley Harriers31.57
1734 2Linda ClarksonF(1/5)Darwen Dashers32.01
18116 Stephe FletcherM50(1/6)Chorley AC32.33
192117 Jon BellM40(4/7)Chorley Harriers33.05
205118 Colin WaterworthM40(5/7)Horwich RMI Harriers33.13
215319 Stuart HartleyM45(2/7)Burnley Athletics Club33.33
225820 Nigel BodenM(10/12)Fire Service social athle33.37
233921 Kevin BridgeM45(3/7)Accrington Road Runners33.51
2448 3Jane HodkinsonF40(1/3)Preston33.55
255 4Zoe HaslamF35(1/2)Darwen Dashers34.18
266022 Pete JamesM45(4/7)West Pennine Runners34.43
272623 Jeff TibbettM(11/12)Darwen Dashers34.47
286124 Roy AshcroftM50(2/6)Darwen Dashers34.56
291725 Ken WilliamsM45(5/7)Chorley Harriers34.59
30626 Eddie PughM60(1/1)Chorley Harriers35.25
315727 Richard KellyM40(6/7)Burnley Athletics Club35.36
326328 Bryan RogersM65(1/1)Northern Vets37.10
332329 Steven ConnellM(12/12)Darwen Dashers37.28
343230 Peter McDadeM50(3/6)Chorley Harriers37.41
351031 Phil MarriottM45(6/7)Unattached38.15
3616 5Nicola WoodF(2/5)Accrington Road Runners38.23
372732 Simon WoodsMJ(3/3)Burnley Athletics Club38.41
385633 Tony TargettM55(1/3)Clayton Le Moors Harriers39.06
392834 Jim TaylorM50(4/6)Darwen Dashers39.08
4018 6Jan PoundF45(2/4)Chorley AC39.28
414035 Tony TothamM40(7/7)Chorley Harriers39.32
4249 7Janet ChaplinF40(2/3)Chorley Harriers39.44
4333 8Marie AlcroftF35(2/2)Chorley Harriers39.44
441536 Mike OgleM50(5/6)Chorley Harriers40.53
453 9Carole KayF45(3/4)Blackburn Harriers41.29
461237 Bob ClareM50(6/6)Unattached41.33
4765 10Felicity CrossF45(4/4)Preston41.42
48238 Michael MurrayM45(7/7)Unattached42.37
4964 11Linz BrusselsF(3/5)Chorley Harriers43.48
505539 Mike CoppinM55(2/3)Chorley AC43.50
5159 12Linda AspdenF40(3/3)West Pennine Runners45.27
525040 David McNultyM55(3/3)Unattached48.54
5341 13Jo WoodF(4/5)Unattached52.10
5442 14Nicola DuaneF(5/5)Unattached1-02.05

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