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14th June 2002

Thanks to everyone who made it to a flooded Witton Park after the heaviest rain in the area for many years, which put the track and half the park under several inches of water. A very modified senior 4 mile race and the junior race did take place for those who managed to brave the storms, with an excellent performance by Lee Passco!.
1181 Lee PasscoM(1/7)Clayton Le Moors Harriers19.37
2252 Shane FitzpatrickM(2/7)Hyndburn21.30
3173 Tom AshworthM(3/7)Chorley Harriers21.59
4234 Brent HogganM(4/7)Accrington Road Runners22.36
5165 John ChaplinM45(1/5)Chorley Harriers22.45
6196 Peter DickinsonM(5/7)Chorley AC23.12
7247 David GaskillM40(1/1)Accrington Road Runners23.47
8128 David Scott-MillerM45(2/5)Unattached25.03
96 1Zoe HaslamF35(1/2)Darwen Dashers25.47
10139 Tony BoltonM50(1/1)Accrington Road Runners26.10
1115 2Janet ChaplinF40(1/1)Chorley Harriers26.12
12510 Martin DoyleM(6/7)Unattached27.04
131111 Brian TullM55(1/1)Darwen Dashers27.06
1421 3Rachael CroweFJ(1/1)Lytham St Annes RR27.07
1514 4Janet PoundF45(1/1)Chorley AC27.51
162212 Michael CroweM45(3/5)Unattached28.07
171013 Phil MarriottM45(4/5)Unattached28.28
18914 Michael GisbourneM(7/7)Wesham Road Runners29.41
19215 Bill LockM60(1/1)Lytham St Annes RR30.21
20716 Michael MurrayM45(5/5)Unattached31.03
2120 5Marie AlcroftF35(2/2)Chorley Harriers31.27
221 6Dawn LockF55(1/1)Lytham St Annes RR35.40

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