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Stratford Triathlon - 12th May 2002

Below, please find links to the FINAL results for the Stratford Triathlon, as at 17th May 2002.

Novice event - Novice Category list - Relay event - Sprint event - Sprint Category list
Zipped Excel file (112k) - Unzipped Excel file (360k)

For those of you who are not BTA members and want to know what the BTA age group categories shown in the events are (to compare your own performance), they are based on the following table and determined by age as at 31st December in the year of competition (not age on race day):

A - 15-16; B - 17-18; C - 19; D - 20-24; E - 25-29; F - 30-34
G - 35-39; H - 40-44; I - 45-49; J - 50-54; K - 55-59; L - 60-64; M - 65-69
A letter "U" after M or F indicates that no age was specified on your entry details, so you will not appear in the category listings.

I've tried to solve all the problems arising from the timing sheets and think that I have everyone about where they should be! Please feel free to contact me by email by clicking here to try to resolve your times and I will be happy to do what I can for you. If you can't email then use the site's feedback form to get your query to me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please don't phone me!!!!!

I have a full time job which is unconnected to this results service and I can deal with your queries much better if you email your information to me. Please try to give me as much detail as you can such as your race number (!!) your own recorded times if possible and full details of your query. If you are shown as not finishing but you did, it's important to try to locate your number so I'll need to know (if you can) who you were in front of, behind or near when you finished as the fact that you're shown as a dnf means that your number is not written on the sheet.

There are several disqualifications which involve the following race numbers: 431 (sprint), 610 (sprint), 704 (relay), 855 (novice), 889 (novice), 911 (sprint), 915 (sprint) and 990 (novice). Their times are shown at the end of these provisional results for information. All DQs were for traffic light violations (failing to stop on red light at pelican crossing - Highway Code applies!!)

There were numerous time credits given with regard to stoppages at the pelican crossings. Your bike and run times have been credited with the amounts allocated in the discretion of the supervising marshals. Credits were allowed in multiples of 5 seconds - 5, 10 or 15 being allowed where appropriate. I may get around to preparing a list of these in due course but there were about 150 credits given!

There were some gaps in some of the split times due to either duplicated or missing numbers on the recording sheets which I have tried to resolve as best as possible. I cannot incorporate run finishers if their times are missing without some concrete evidence of a valid finish.

Finally, some of you may be shown as not finishing - this is either due to you being missed or wrongly recorded at the finish or you probably only did 1 lap instead of 2 in the sprint. Whilst your laps were not counted, your run split time will have indicated an impossible (e.g. 10 minute) 5k split - please contact me to discuss possible solutions to this (maybe your bike time was slightly wrong etc.) - the numbers which immediately showed up in this regard were 113, 178, 270, 331, 348, 376, 392, 411, 425, 435, 446, 505, 604, 609, 641, 645 and 673.