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Steve Rothwell Memorial 5 mile Road and Trail Race
Littleborough, Rochdale

23rd April 2002

I would like to thank all those who assisted or competed in this race and the cycle ride.
Andy O’Sullivan BEM Race Organiser
Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
1R. Jackson Horwich RMI Harriers27.22 
2L. Passco Clayton le Moors Harriers27.24 
3P. AirdV40Northern Vets AC29.41 
4W. AliJunFelldancer29.54 
5A. Etherden Saddleworth Runners30.20 
6S. Cooper East Cheshire Harriers30.26 
7K. Robinson Rochdale Harriers30.35 
8I. AitchisonV45Rochdale Harriers30.45 
9S. Perry U/A31.25 
10J. DoreV50Rochdale Harriers32.05 
11B. WaterhouseV50Saddleworth Runners32.09 
12M. Smith Altrincham + District AC32.16 
13C. FordeV40Trans Pennine CC33.05 
14G. LargeV55Northern Vets AC33.08 
15I. PerryV40U/A33.17 
16B. Lawton Oldham + Royton33.24 
17P. HoganV45Clayton le Moors Harriers33.27 
18G. CoxonV45East Cheshire Harriers33.31 
19T. Kasprowicz Road Runners Club33.45 
20Lucy Whittaker Saddleworth Runners33.48 
21A. KellyV45Burnley33.55 
22Kath DrakeV40Spenborough AC34.00 
23Juliet Smith Altrincham + District AC34.00 
24B. GibbonsJunFelldancer34.21 
25J. GriffinV45Bury34.29 
26M. SaltV40U/A34.34 
27Ruth Stuart U/A34.36P. B.
28G. MilnesV40East Cheshire Harriers34.43 
29T. Duncan U/A34.53 
30A. O’SullivanV45Rochdale Harriers34.55P. B
31J. StuartV40U/A34.58P. B
32D. Scott-MillerV45U/A35.07 
33T. Walker U/A35.08 
34S. InghamV40Manchester YMCA35.29 
35Carol WillgooseV40Halifax Harriers35.37 
36A. Smith Trans Pennine CC35.39 
37T. BurkeV60Northern Vets AC35.45 
38S. WilbyV45Queensbury RC35.57 
39D. SchofieldV55Rochdale Harriers35.58 
40C. EtherdenV50Saddleworth Runners36.03 
41B. GouldV50East Cheshire Harriers36.23 
42Huma Rahman Rochdale Harriers36.24 
43J. KellyJunBurnley36.25 
44C. DrakeV55Spenborough AC36.33 
45G. NavanV60Rossendale Harriers36.38 
46S. SeniorV45Middleton Harriers36.39 
47E. MooneyV45Rochdale Harriers36.51 
48D. BerryV50Meltham36.52 
49D. GordonV50U/A37.22 
50N. HansonV45Todmorden Harriers37.28 
51C. DehanV55East Cheshire Harriers37.29 
52M. HartleyV40Halifax Harriers37.33 
53Vanessa Hamlet Rossendale Harriers37.56 
54Sandra SnapeV35Blackburn Road Runners38.01 
55N. CroasdellV50Halifax Harriers38.37 
56Wendy McRaeV45Rochdale Harriers38.46 
57P. Coulton U/A38.47 
58T. WestV60Radcliffe AC38.50 
59B. RogersV65Northern Vets AC38.58 
60S. BrownV45Halifax Harriers39.05 
61T. BroderickV60Middleton Harriers39.36 
62I. Digwell U/A39.48 
63Carol MilnesV40East Cheshire Harriers39.50 
64D. ClutterbuckV70Rochdale Harriers39.58 
65R. Yarwood Trans Pennine CC40.12 
66B. ArmisteadV50U/A40.28 
67Louise GilchristV65Middleton Harriers40.33 
68R. MouldingV70Blackburn Road Runners40.59 
69K. HansonV55Todmorden Harriers41.11 
70W. Wood U/A41.40 
71M. DoolanV50Salford Harriers42.58 
72Christine NavanV55Rossendale Harriers43.16 
73D. Bennett Rochdale Harriers43.40 
74A. Corkill U/A43.51 
75Norma SmithV55Blackburn Road Runners44.09 
76Nicole ChaddertonV40U/A44.18 
77B. S. ColeV50Winston Runners45.16 
78Eileen PeatV50Blackburn Road Runners45.25 
79Denise SutcliffeV40Bury45.28 
80Liona RidingV35Blackburn Road Runners45.38 
81M. MimannsV50U/A46.17 
82L. PhillipsonV50Felldancer47.34 
83G. KentV40Rothwell Harriers48.50 
84Roz WoodV40Rothwell Harriers48.51 
85P. MooreV45Middleton Harriers48.53 
86Lynda MasonV45Blackburn Road Runners51.51 
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