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Ron Hill's Birthday 4.3 Mile Race, Rochdale

25th September 2002

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
1D. Lockett Salford Harriers23.02 
2S. WilliamsV45Salford Harriers23.44 
3P. BrannonV40Clayton le Moors Harriers24.10 
4J. RocheV40Clayton le Moors Harriers24.42 
5Kerry GillibrandNCRSale Harriers Manchester24.49New course record by 12 seconds
6M. Lawson Longwood Harriers25.02 
7P. SinnottV45Northern Vets AC25.06 
8K. Edge Rochdale Harriers25.13 
9S. AndertonV40Todmorden Harriers25.23 
10C. FordeV40TrasPennine CC25.36 
11P. BoardmanV40Horwich RMI Harriers26.13 
12P. McNamara Salford Harriers26.22 
13T. CarsonV50East Cheshire Harriers26.47 
14A. HayesJunDarwen Dashers26.59 
15G. WalkerV50Stockport Harriers27.18 
16P. Myerscough Accrington Road Runners27.20 
17M. Long Bingley Harriers27.27 
18T. DanielsV50Salford Harriers27.37 
19C. Furge Durham27.41 
20P. WhiteV50Salford Harriers27.51 
21M. ColesV60Skyrac AC28.18 
22D. BarberV60Bingley Harriers28.28 
23S. SacksV60Salford Harriers28.45 
24Linda Clarkson Darwen Dashers28.53 
25V. BrodrickV40Clayton le Moors Harriers28.57 
26J. Purdy Rochdale Harriers29.01 
27A. O’SullivanV45Rochdale Harriers29.17 
28Kath WilliamsV45Salford Harriers29.18 
29Carol WillgooseV40Halifax Harriers29.21 
30S. SeniorV45Middleton Harriers29.23 
31Tina LewisV35Clayton le Moors Harriers29.27 
32S. WilbyV45Queensbury RR29.34 
33E. EmersonV45Todmorden Harriers29.42 
34Dany Robson Clayton le Moors Harriers29.46 
35Andrea Barrowford Unattached30.28 
36B. BarlowV55Todmorden Harriers30.42 
37B. RogersV65Northern Vets AC31.30 
38J. KirkV55Northern Vets AC31.32 
39T. BroderickV60Middleton Harriers32.05 
40Vanessa Hamlet Rossendale Harriers32.20 
41Theresa HollinsV45Middleton Harriers32.33 
42J. Sutcliffe Andems32.45 
43P. Pritchard U/A33.06 
44M. CannyV40Salford Harriers33.18 
45D. MelvinV55Saddleworth Runners33.26 
46Kyrinda Hurst-MooreV35Middleton Harriers33.29 
47D. DicksonV60Rossendale Harriers33.35 
48R. HillV64Clayton le Moors Harriers34.18Happy Birthday!
49E. RiddallV55SELOC34.33 
50I. Digweed U/A35.33 
51T. Kaprowicz Road Runners Club35.34 
52J. McGuireV45Clayton le Moors Harriers36.04 
53Christine NavanV55Rossendale Harriers36.41 
54B. JamesonV55U/A36.50 
55P. HollinsV45Middleton Harriers37.24 
56C. ClodeV45East Cheshire Harriers37.43 
57B. MillsV55Rochdale Harriers38.06 
58Gay DicksonV55Rossendale Harriers38.15 
59P. MooreV45Middleton Harriers38.44 
60Denise Sutcliffe Radcliffe AC39.04 
61Debbie MooreV40Middleton Harriers40.29 
62Kath AllisonV50Rochdale Harriers41.34 
63J. NewbyV70Todmorden Harriers43.24 
64I. StansfieldV55Todmorden Harriers43.46 
65Linda RiddallV50Fell Runners Ass44.53 
66Allison DoyleV50Northern Vets AC46.47 
67Melody ThompsonV35U/A47.10 
68B. BealV55Middleton Harriers47.14 
69Jack KirkV77!Middleton Harriers47.14 
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