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Jim Rhodes St Ann's Hospice Road Mile
Littleborough, Rochdale

12th March 2002

I would like to thank all those who assisted or competed in this race. There is approximately £80.00 for St Annís Hospice.
Andy OíSullivan BEM Race Organiser
Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
1W. AliFelldancer 4.31
2L. PasscoClayton le Moors 4.32
3S. WootonBury AC 4.34
4R. JacksonSalford Harriers 4.35
5L. BuxtonKeighley + Craven AC 4.36
6P. WillacyBarrV404.38
7M. FlatleyMiddleton Harriers 4.40
8S. WilliamsSalford HarriersV454.44
9L. LeishmanPendle ACJun4.47
10A. BattersbyU/A 4.54
11M. FirthAltrincham + Dist ACV455.01
12A. GottsRossendale Harriers 5.05
13M. SmithBingley HarriersV555.06
14J. ChaplinChorley ACV455.07
15T. SaxonRossendale HarriersJun5.08
16C. CraneKeighley + Craven ACV505.09
17C. FurgeU/A 5.11
18P. McNamaraSalford Harriers 5.12
19E. MilneMiddleton Harriers 5.15
20Helen GloverKeighley + Craven ACJun5.17
21S. CoddRossendale HarriersJun5.17
22D. MurphyRossendale Harriers 5.20
23N. GottsRossendale HarriersV455.21
24J. HaworthMiddleton HarriersJun5.22
25P. HaworthMiddleton HarriersJun5.27
26J. BrettSalford Harriers 5.31
27Kayley GreenhamKeighley + Craven ACJun5.33
28C. EvansAbersochV555.36
29Laura GreenhamKeighley + Craven ACJun5.38
30B. GibbonsFellJun5.43
31J. McGuireClayton le MoorsV455.43
32P. HughesRossendale Harriers 5.43
33D. HoyleRossendale HarriersJun5.44
34Debbie SpurrKeighley + Craven ACV355.45
35V. BrodrickClayton le Moors 5.48
36G. CunliffeRossendale HarriersJun5.50
37M. AliFellJun5.51
38S. SeniorMiddleton HarriersV455.53
39Ruth StuartU/AV355.54
40O. KhanFellJun5.56
41Vanessa HamletRossendale Harriers 5.57
42J. StuartU/AV405.58
43G. NavanRossendale HarriersV555.59
44Kath WilliamsSalford HarriersV456.00
45J. FoxRochdale HarriersV506.08
46Danielle AshworthU/A 6.15
47Nicola LeishmanPendle AC 6.17
48P. CostelloClayton le MoorsV406.23
49J. HoyleRossendale HarriersJun6.24
50B. RogersNorthern Vets ACV656.25
51A. KellyRossendale HarriersJun6.27
52Peach MurphyRossendale HarriersJun6.36
53Alison HoyleRossendale HarriersV356.40
54Natalie MurphyRossendale Harriers 6.44
55Sarah PurdyRossendale HarriersJun6.48
56B. Stuart-ColeWinston RunnersV506.52
57Chris NavanRossendale HarriersV556.56
58I. VagnierFellJun6.58
59Chris AdlumRossendale Harriers 7.00
60J. MasonAyrV607.21
61B. MillsRochdale HarriersV557.25
62Frances AspinallRossendale HarriersV507.28
63S. JessopAndems 7.31
64F. JessopAndemsV657.40
65B. CrookTodmorden HarriersV759.34
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