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Fred Jessop Cowm Reservoir 4.2 mile Multi Terrain Race
Whitworth, near Rochdale

16th April 2002

I would like to thank all those who assisted or competed in this race.
Andy O’Sullivan BEM Race Organiser
Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
1J. BrownC.RSalford Harriers20.50
2R. Jackson Horwich RMI Harriers22.30
3L. Passco Clayton le Moors Harriers22.39
4R. BrewsterV45Clayton le Moors Harriers22.56
5A. Walker Bingley Harriers23.01
6P. BrannonV40Clayton le Moors Harriers23.23
7T. TaylorV45Rossendale Harriers23.33
8A. Johnson Bingley Harriers23.57
9S. Clawson Rossendale Harriers24.13
10G. CunliffeV45Clayton le Moors Harriers24.22
11T. HooperJunBingley Harriers24.35
12D. Franklin Saddleworth Runners24.41
13L. JohnsonJunBingley Harriers24.49
14L. LeishmanJunPendle AC24.59
15B. Richards Swinton Running Club25.04
16K. TaylorV50Rossendale Harriers25.12
17D. Lee Darwen Dashers25.15
18R. Green Saddleworth Runners25.34
19S. Perry Trans Pennine CC25.37
20R. StottV40Rossendale Harriers25.49
21J. DoreV50Rochdale Harriers25.52
22C. FordeV40Trans Pennine CC26.06
23W. AliJunFelldancer26.07
24P. Dean Middleton Harriers26.14
25T. CarsonV50East Cheshire Harriers26.18
26K. ParkinsonV45Todmorden Harriers26.36
27I. PerryV40Trans Pennine CC26.36
28T. HayesJunDarwen Dashers26.43
29J. McIntoshV40Bury27.16
30P. HoganV45Clayton le Moors Harriers27.20
31Kath DrakeV40Spenborough AC27.28
32K. RansleyV50U/A27.36
33Karen MatherV35Saddleworth Runners27.42
34D. Murphy Rossendale Harriers27.44
35I. BarberV40Saddleworth Runners27.45
36A. Smith Trans Pennine CC27.47
37M. SaltV40U/A28.04
38A. O’SullivanV45Rochdale Harriers28.41
39Carol WillgooseV40Halifax Harriers28.56
40C. EtherdenV50Saddleworth Runners29.04
41B. GouldV50East Cheshire Harriers29.07
42N. Dix Saddleworth Runners29.13
43S. SeniorV45Middleton Harriers29.29
44P. WalkerV45Bingley Harriers29.30
45D. BerryV50Meltham29.43
46I. HollowayV50Rochdale Harriers29.50
47G. NavanV55Rossendale Harriers29.53
48T. BrewsterJunClayton le Moors Harriers30.01
49C. DrakeV55Spenborough AC30.13
50K. SmithV40Stockport Harriers30.18
51P. DibbV65Longwood Harriers30.40
52N. CroasdaleV50Halifax Harriers30.53
53Vanessa Hamlet Rossendale Harriers30.56
54M. BullV50Middleton Harriers31.01
55C. YatesV50U/A31.06
56M. ElwellV55Saddleworth Runners31.14
57S. Jones Trans Pennine CC31.14
58J. Sutcliffe Andems Runners31.14
59T. BroderickV60Middleton Harriers31.37
60J. Sutcliffe Halifax Harriers31.41
61R. LawsonV60Clayton le Moors Harriers31.42
62B. RogersV65Northern Vets AC31.49
63T. TargettV50Clayton le Moors Harriers31.52
64Marilyn GreenwoodV50Stainland Lions31.53
65T. TothamV40Chorley Harriers31.58
66J. FoxV50Rochdale Harriers32.02
67J. TaylorV50Darwen Dashers32.07
68Eileen CarsonV50East Cheshire Harriers32.22
69D. ClutterbuckV70Rochdale Harriers32.44
70W. Wood U/A32.53
71Sue DuckworthV35Darwen Dashers32.55
72Mel RansleyV45Halifax Harriers33.04
73B. ArmisteadV50U/A33.20
74D. MelvinV55Saddleworth Runners33.23
75Lou GilchristV65Middleton Harriers33.29
76Naomi JohnsonJunBingley Harriers33.41
77Chris NavanV55Rossendale Harriers33.46
78M. FinnV50Swinton Running Club34.17
79R. AllenV45U/A34.30
80Nicola LeishmanJunPendle AC34.31
81Gill Troth Bingley Harriers34.43
82Bernie GreenhalghV45Chorley Harriers34.48
83Katie OscroftV35Halifax Harriers35.05
84R. Dawson U/A35.21
85G. BeanV55East Cheshire Harriers36.00
86Michelle DixonV40Swinton Running Club36.09
87E. NorthV70Halifax Harriers36.23
88L. PhillipsonV50Felldancer36.44
89M. Wood U/A37.03
90D. SummersgillV70Northern Vets AC37.26
91Ros WoodV40Rothwell Harriers38.06
92G. KentV40Rothwell Harriers38.06
93Pat PittV50Stainland Lions38.27
94Val LawsonV60Clayton le Moors Harriers38.46
95L. WrightJunGM Police39.29
96Judith GreenwoodV55Stainland Lions40.16
97P. MooreV45Middleton Harriers41.01
98D. AshworthJunRossendale Harriers42.58
99L. KershawJunRossendale Harriers44.08
100Sheila Carter Bury45.03
101S. Carter Bury45.03
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