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Vera Hirst Charities 5k Road Race
Littleborough, Rochdale

19th March 2002

I would like to thank all those who assisted or competed in this race.
Andy O’Sullivan BEM Race Organiser
Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
1E. Crowther Salford Harriers15.37
2A. McVey Horwich RMI15.56
3L. HelliwellV40Keighley + Craven16.02
4J. Convery Bingley Harriers16.07
5C. Loftus Keighley + Craven16.22
6L. Passco Clayton-le-Moors Harriers16.27
7R. Jackson Horwich RMI16.33
8S. McDonald Bingley Harriers16.41
9S. WilliamsV45Salford Harriers16.56
10C. Stoves Sale Harriers17.05
11L. Spencer Keighley + Craven17.08
12M. HarveyJunBurnley17.11
13S. McMyler Salford Harriers17.12
14W. AliJunFD17.14
15A. Nicholls Accrington Road Runners17.17
16D. Scholes Keighley + Craven17.23
17P. Crabtree Bingley Harriers17.53
18Rachel Jones Salford Harriers17.54
19A. Battersby U/A18.00
20M. Shaw East Cheshire Harriers18.03
21D. ArcherV45Bury AC18.31
22S. CurranV50Salford Harriers18.36
23B. GreavesV45Oldham + Royton18.39
24M. CatherallV45Rochdale Harriers18.49
25C. Furge Durham18.50
26P. Lawrence Darwen Dashers18.59
27D. Lee Darwen Dashers19.00
28L. WilliamsV50Warrington19.06
29L. LeishmanJunPendle AC19.11
30M. CortvriendV50Macclesfield19.16
31C. CraneV50Keighley + Craven19.17
32M. FryerV40Halifax Harriers19.25
33B. Moore Oldham + Royton19.27
34J. HaworthJunMiddleton Harriers19.29
35Helen GloverJunKeighley + Craven19.30
36M. LongV50Bingley Harriers19.31
37M. RowbottomV50Rochdale Harriers19.36
38C. Allen East Cheshire Harriers19.38
39I. Wright Leeds19.40
40P. HaworthJunMiddleton Harriers19.47
41M. Tattersall East Cheshire Harriers19.48
42N. Edwards U/A20.06
43B. GibbonsJunFD20.10
44S. Howell Todmorden Harriers20.11
45Kath DrakeV40Spenborough AC20.14
46D. JohnsonV45Pudsey Pacers20.14
47S. HartleyV45Burnley AC20.26
48Maria Lowe Salford Harriers20.28
49Linda CrabtreeV40Halifax Harriers20.34
50Debbie SpurrV35Keighley + Craven20.37
51A. WrightV40GM Police20.42
52Carole WaterhouseV35Halifax Harriers20.55
53Kath WilliamsV45Salford Harriers21.02
54D. Thomas U/A21.04
55Ruth StuartV35U/A21.08
56T. AllenV40East Cheshire Harriers21.11
57S. SeniorV45Middleton Harriers21.12
58Denise JohnsonV40Pudsey Pacers21.13
59V. BroderickV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers21.14
60Carol WillgooseV40Halifax Harriers21.16
61Kayley GreenhamJunKeighley + Craven21.17
62J. StuartV40U/A21.22
63J. RhodesV60Northern Vets AC21.27
64D. SchofieldV55Rochdale Harriers21.31
65Glynda CookV40Rossendale Tri21.35
66A. GreenwoodV40C.V21.39
67C. Clancy Todmorden Harriers21.54
68S. BrownV40Halifax Harriers21.55
69T. GrundyV55Oldham + Royton21.56
70P. Hughes Rossendale Harriers22.05
71C. DrakeV55Spenborough AC22.08
72G. NavanV55Rossendale Harriers22.10
73K. SmithV40Stockport AC22.10
74R. Kavanagh U/A22.23
75A. AliJunFD22.43
76B. RogersV65Northern Vets AC22.53
77J. Sutcliffe U/A22.55
78Vanessa Hamlet Rossendale Harriers22.59
79J. HughesJunRossendale Harriers23.07
80Jennie RansomeV35U/A23.10
81J. TaylorV50Darwen Dashers23.11
82D. Bentley U/A23.14
83D. MelvinV55Saddleworth Runners23.25
84D. Wilson Hamer23.32
85Danielle AshworthJunMiddleton Harriers23.33
86Jade HartleyJunPendle AC23.34
87S. Connellan Hamer23.34
88J. McArdle Hamer23.51
89D. Clewes Hamer23.52
90Nicola LeishmanJunPendle AC24.04
91Catherine GuyV40U/A24.15
92A. Guy U/A24.16
93Sue DuckworthV35Darwen Dashers24.18
94Chris NavanV55Rossendale Harriers24.42
95Louise GilchristV65Middleton Harriers24.45
96Chris CrowtherV45Salford Harriers24.53
97D. MitchellV60U/A25.02
98T. WilsonJunU/A25.06
99B. ThompsonJunU/A25.10
100B. Stuart-ColeV50Winston Runners25.11
101R. KavanaghV45U/A25.14
102Pat CurranV50Salford Harriers25.24
103D. DicksonV60Rossendale Harriers25.34
104R. Bentley U/A25.57
105S. WilbyV45Queensbury RC25.59
106J. Marshall Hamer26.07
107J. MasonV60Ayr26.12
108G. BeanV55East Cheshire Harriers26.18
109D. Morley Hamer26.23
110J. Knowles U/A27.14
111S. Willis U/A27.37
112Denise SutcliffeV40Bury AC27.47
113I. VaghierJunFD27.48
114L. PhillipsonV50FD27.48
115P. MooreV45Middleton Harriers28.52
116M. Bickerstaffe Keighley + Craven28.54
117Debbie MooreV40Middleton Harriers29.05
118G. Dawson Hamer29.20
119M. Knowles Hamer32.32
120R. Cliffe Hamer32.43
121S. Cliffe Hamer32.43
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