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Hilton Family "Children of Chernobyl" Road and Trail Race
Littleborough, Rochdale

16th July 2002

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan
1D. Lockett Salford Harriers27.53
2S. WilliamsV45Salford Harriers29.06
3S. McMylerV40Salford Harriers29.17
4G. ChestersV40Middleton Harriers29.44
5K. Robinson Rochdale Harriers29.49
6R. NewtonJMTrafford AC29.57
7M. Lawson Longwood Harriers30.12
8M. HartleyJMPendle AC30.26
9S. AndertonV40Todmorden Harriers30.31
10D. HebdenV40Rossendale Harriers31.57
11C. FordeV40Trans-Pennine32.05
12M. CatherallV45Rochdale Harriers32.14
13A. Gibson Oldham + Royton AC32.40
14A. HealeyV55Bury AC32.45
15P. Dean Middleton Harriers32.48
16S. CurranV50Salford Harriers32.58
17D. Haygarth Unattached33.30
18D. Murphy Rossendale Harriers34.07
19M. ColesV60Skyrac AC34.09
20J. MoorhouseV40Meltham AC34.32
21Kath DrakeV40Spenborough AC34.34
22A. Smith Trans-Pennine34.45
23S. HartleyV45Burnley AC34.54
24M. AndertonV40Todmorden Harriers34.56
25R. RussellV50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers35.00
26D. SchofieldV50Rochdale Harriers35.16
27V. BrodrickV40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers35.31
28S. Howells Todmorden Harriers35.35
29A. O’SullivanV45Rochdale Harriers35.40
30J. RhodesV60Northern Vets AC35.41
31Kath WilliamsV45Salford Harriers35.46
32M. Walker Rochdale Harriers35.48
33Carole WaterhouseV35Halifax Harriers35.52
34R. McCarthy Rothwell Harriers36.16
35Tina LewisV35Clayton-le-Moors Harriers36.25
36C. Parkin Unattached36.41
37M. Pixton Unattached36.54
38Huma Rahman Rochdale Harriers36.58
39M. BullV50Middleton Harriers37.03
40K. SmithV40Stockport Harriers37.07
41R. KellyV40Burnley AC37.11
42C. DrakeV55Spenborough AC37.38
43P. DibbV65Longwood Harriers37.42
44C. Nelson Unattached38.00
45S. SeniorV45Middleton Harriers38.03
46Gay LearyV50Halifax Harriers38.10
47B. RogersV65Northern Vets AC38.15
48S. BrownV45Halifax Harriers38.41
49Wendy McRaeV45Rochdale Harriers38.44
50D. Hall Middleton Harriers39.03
51Katie OscroftV35Halifax Harriers39.10
52T. BroderickV60Middleton Harriers39.13
53Joanne Aplin Salford Harriers39.31
54Fiona WoodhouseV35Stainland Lions39.35
55A. YoungV50Unattached39.40
56J. FoxV55Rochdale Harriers39.57
57Lou GilchristV65Middleton Harriers40.00
58D. MelvinV55Saddleworth Runners40.22
59Pauline DoreV50Rochdale Harriers40.23
60D. ClutterbuckV70Rochdale Harriers40.27
61J. TaylorV50Darwen Dashers40.54
62J. Sutcliffe Andems41.21
63A. Cotterill Unattached41.29
64M. ReddkenV40Manchester Tri Club42.35
65Sandra Cotterill Unattached42.58
66S. JonesV40T.Real43.22
67Marilyn GreenwoodC50Stainland Lions43.27
68S. Hayes Darwen Dashers44.25
69P. Donald Unattached44.30
70Natalie MurphyV35Rossendale Harriers44.36
71G. PearsonV50Unattached45.00
72M. Bune Unattached45.02
73G. BeanV55East Cheshire Harriers46.06
74Linda EdmondsonV40Unattached46.14
75J. MasonV60Ayr_D47.09
76Patricia PittsV50Stainland Lions47.43
77Brian Mills Rochdale Harriers47.45
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