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31st August and 1st September 2002

Novice Triathlon (31/8)
Olympic Distance Relay Triathlon (31/8)
Olympic Distance non-BTA Triathlon (31/8)
Sprint Distance Triathlon (31/8)
Olympic Distance Elite Males and Females (31/8)

Olympic Distance Triathlon - BTA members (1/9)
Sprint Distance Triathlon - BTA members (1/9)

Zipped Excel spreadsheet (104k) (all results) - Unzipped Excel file (318k) (all results) (both files contain separate page dealing with penalties)

Updates - These results are current and as corrected up to and including 22:45 on Wednesday 11th September and are as accurate as I can get them at this stage. If there are further queries or problems, please email me and I will attempt to resolve them to your satisfaction.

Timing difficulties - There were a number of problems on Saturday due to pressure of numbers, especially in the Sprint Distance event and where that event overlapped with others. Some times, especially swim/bike exit, have had to be estimated. If any of your times are shown incorrectly, or you are wrongly shown as dnf, please email me with your comments, detailing which race you were in, your race number and your own clocked times and any other query. I will do my best to resolve all queries as soon as possible. Please do not telephone with this information - I have a full time job to hold down as well!!!

Whilst I will try to do all I can to assist you, where numbers and times are clearly recorded on the master sheets, I cannot override them without some independent evidence of your own timings or where I can clearly see that an error has occurred in the sheets.

Penalties - There were some disqualifications and time penalties. Where applicable, these will be noted on the Penalties page. Any 2 minute penalties have been applied to your bike time. Disqualifications are shown with their actual split times but are marked "DQ".

Some competitors failed to complete the required number of cycle laps. If you did this, you will not have a bike, run or total time as you have failed to complete the course. One competitor in the novice event obviously did not complete sufficient laps on the bike so I have doubled the recorded bike time to give her a time. Others have been more difficult to spot and estimate.

More than one competitor registered in more than one race! This was ok if you took part in the right race with the right number on! Some simply took part in the wrong race on the wrong day - these persons have generally been excluded from the results for now while I try to work things out. If you are one of these people, email me with your information (if you know your own splits that helps me to locate you on the time sheets) and I'll try to get you back in! There were some competitors whose details didn't filter through to me so I don't know who they are - they are marked as either 'spare' (because this was a 'spare' number) or 'unknown' in other cases - if you know who any of these people are or if you are one of the unlucky few, please let me know so that I can put your name in the results.

For those of you who are not BTA members and want to know what the BTA age group categories shown in the races are (to compare your own performance), they are based on the following table and determined by age at 31st December in the year of the event (not age on race day):
A - 15/16; B - 17/18; C - 19; D - 20/24; E - 25/29; F - 30/34; G - 35/39
H - 40/44; I - 45/49; J - 50/54; K - 55/59; L - 60/64; M - 65/69 etc.

Copyright © 2002 John Schofield. Unauthorised copying prohibited.

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