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Ashurst Beacon Fell Race

19th January 2002

Results courtesy of Andy Quickfall
1Rob Hope P & B35.10
2Jason Hodgson Horw36.18
3Brendan Bolland Horw37.30
4John Hunt CFR37.45
5Lee Passco CleM37.59
6Colin Rigby Horw38.01
7Mark Laithwaite Wigan P38.02
8A Smith Spectrum38.06
9S BarlowV40Horw38.42
10M Hammer B'burn H38.42
11D Hope P & B38.51
12N Ashcroft Ambleside38.57
13K MossV50N Vets39.01
14D Townsend Horw39.21
15S JacksonV45Horw39.29
16S Fitzpatrick Hyndburn39.41
17R HaworthV40Middleton39.50
18C Wilson Wigan P39.54
19A EcclesV40Wigan P40.06
20M Boardman Newburgh40.33
21A AltyV40Chorley H40.38
22R Marlton Stockport40.41
23M Manir Wigan P40.55
24P WeatherherdV50Wirral41.13
25P AirdV40Dee41.18
26T OrrellV45Horw41.21
27D TongeV40Lancs Pol41.24
28C LaidlawV45Lytham41.35
29N Chester L'pool AC41.36
30C PedderV40Newburgh41.49
31R BowkerV40SWAC42.14
32D Peach FRA42.19
33W Garner Red Rose42.24
34M Kay Bolton42.29
35J Worthington Wigan P42.34
36S Hemmings Horw42.38
37N Rothwell SWAC42.42
38T HeskethV50Horw42.47
39Lisa HeyesLSalford42.48
40P CarrollV40Wigan P42.58
41B GoreV50Salford43.18
42A Clough Wigan P43.23
43F LynchV45Red Rose43.27
44T Court Newburgh43.29
45J AmiesV50Congleton43.34
46N HindleV45U/A43.40
47C Burgess Wigan P43.42
48P Leighton Horw43.50
49M ChristieV40Chorley H43.55
50G Kay Horw44.02
51B DaveyV45SWAC44.06
52G FinchV40Horw44.17
53W CoppelovV40Newburgh44.23
54R WoodV40Pembroke44.33
55P BoardmanV40Horw44.54
56T HellingsV45N Fylde45.01
57F MartinV40Penny La45.26
58A Rees Penny La45.30
59J Facakerly U/A45.40
60S Bacon Congleton45.45
61J DobieV50Pembroke45.51
62M Hilton Lancs Fire45.55
63A TurnbullV50Wigan P45.59
64Gill BaconLWigan P46.00
65I Crabtree Chorley H46.27
66D FaircloughV50Pembroke46.31
67D Bamford Wigan P46.45
68D JonesV40Wigan P46.54
69I CooksonV50Red Rose47.00
70M CrookV50Horw47.21
71A Heath Dee47.23
72Jill RobinsonLV45Garstang47.24
73D CaldwellV45Lancs Fire47.28
74R HandleyV45SWAC47.34
75N CochraneV45Newburgh47.47
76N GriffithsV50Spectrum47.49
77G GoralV40SWAC47.55
78S ThomasV45Chorley H47.56
79M Balmer Penny La47.57
80T McCoyV50Lancs Fire47.58
81G LargeV50N Vets48.08
82S Bolland L & M48.14
83P SingletonV40Blackpool48.19
84E DaviesV45Newburgh48.22
85A SweatmanV50Horw48.26
86D CainV45Penny La48.29
87D TolsonV40Red Rose48.39
88D AshcroftV45SWAC48.44
89G Woodward Chorley H48.52
90Suzanne BudgettLM'cr H48.58
91B EyreV45M'cr YMCA49.00
92G WilsonV50Spectrum49.17
93M Bontoft Saxiley RR49.18
94Janet RobertsonLSpectrum49.30
95C PillingV40Lancs Fire49.30
96P Weston Newburgh49.36
97T BoyleV45Wigan H49.43
98M Taylor U/A49.45
99P StarkeyV45Chorley H49.51
100G MorleyV40U/A49.63
101G CorlessV50M'cr YMCA50.01
102G haworthV40Red Rose50.05
103D KayV50Bolton50.43
104B AllmanV45Horw50.48
105R WaiteV45Wigan P50.49
106T Man Penny La50.58
107K CarrollV45LPS51.21
108R Sharratt Red Rose51.23
109P FarrellyV45Salford51.37
110A RigbyeV45U/A51.43
111P WatsonV50Horw51.47
112J HaworthLMiddleton51.56
113P HenleyV50L'pool H51.58
114M HaworthV50Red Rose52.15
115A SmartV45Blackpool52.31
116D WoodV50N Fylde52.35
117C MonkV50Chorley H52.36
118J ChaplinLV40Chorley H52.44
119S McGinnigleV40U/A52.50
120S RuffleyV40Leigh53.03
121A LoweV45Chorley H53.15
122J AtkinsLV50Chorley AC53.28
123S CainLPenny La53.48
124D BoothV40U/A53.50
125M McDonaldV60FRA54.02
126R HartV50Wigan P54.41
127H JohnsonV60Newburgh54.49
128I RobinsonV50Garstang54.51
129A CrabtreeLChorley H54.53
130H Smith U/A55.00
131K Allender U/A55.01
132N Astill U/A55.05
133N Aspley Lancs Fire55.42
134P ThurtleLPenny La56.03
135N Campbell Cheadle56.38
136C WrightV50SWAC56.45
137J ButchardV60?56.50
138C HeskethLWigan P56.57
139R BrittonLV50Staffs Moor57.01
140H ManningV60CleM57.03
141S BaileyV40Dee57.22
142V PughV60Chorley H57.31
143R CampbellV50Cheadle57.51
144C HartLV45Wigan P58.03
145? Madden ? (late start)58.07
146T GidmanV50Horw58.32
147F MarstonV45Chorley H58.37
148C GreenLChorley H59.43
149J ThrelfallV45U/A59.53
150S TaylorLV45Cheadle60.08
151B MurrayV50U/A60.19
152P Smith Lancs Fire60.20
153G ArnoldV60Preston60.29
154C MacPheeLChorley H61.08
155F AlcroftLChorley H61.22
156H HigginsonV40U/A61.32
157L BrusselsLChorley H63.08
158G FaircloughLV45L'pool RC64.04
159A ShurieLL'pool RC64.08
160L RidingLB'burn RR65.07
161C Rockley U/A65.29
162S ParfittV40Red Rose65.57
163P Lambert Deeside66.49
164E PeatLV50B'burn RR67.10
165A BallV70CleM70.04
166L MasonLV45B'burn RR70.10
167I SzilerLV40B'burn RR70.11
168S MarshallLV40B'burn RR70.15
169? Madden ? (late start)74.43
170M Smith HorwDNF
171R Jackson HorwDNF

Mens Teams (3 to count)
1Horwich 'A'(Hodgson, Bolland, Rigby)2+3+6=11
2Horwich 'B'(Barlow, Townsend, Jackson)9+14+15=38
3Wigan P(Laithwaite, Wilson, Eccles)7+18+19=44
My thanks to all those who helped with the organisation, especially Brian Kennedy and Mick Roughneen and all those from Newburgh Nomads. Thanks also to the landlord Alan Williams and Burtonwood Brewery for their support. I'm sorry I couldn't be there in person for the second year running, this time due to a back injury that may require surgery (again). Once again I missed seeing you all.

Congratulations to Rob Hope on his convincing victory over fellow newcomer Jason Hodgson and a much improved and thinner Brendan Bolland. Rob was 3 seconds up on last year's time from Neil Wilkinson and just 1 second outside Mark Croasdale's record which has now stood since the inaugural race in 1995.

Apologies for the mistake during the results presentation that omitted to mention Jill Robinson (Garstang) who should have been given the LV45 prize (in fact she also beat all the LV40 runners as well).

Thank you also to everybody that turned up. I hope you all enjoyed the race despite the mud and wind.

Once again I am attempting ""free"" e-mailed results. I hope it works for you if not please let me know. I'd be happy to send results by this method to anyone requesting them, see address below.

Andy Quickfall (for Newburgh Nomads RC) 01257-450339
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