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Colin and Brenda Robinson Hospice 4.3 Mile Road Race

28th March 2001

Results courtesy of Andy O'Sullivan

1W. Smith Keighley and Craven22.46
2P. Massey Horwich RMI22.48
3D. Shaw Bolton Harriers22.52
4C. Rigby Horwich RMI23.00
5P. Blackshaw Middleton Harriers23.23
6L. Spencer Keighley and Craven23.46
7S. Clawson Rossendale Harriers23.55
8S. McMyler Radcliffe AC23.58
9C. Watson Clayton-le-Moors24.13
10W. Garner Road Runners Club24.18
11G. ChestersV40Middleton Harriers24.22
12E. ShawV40Alnwick24.23
13J. Sproson Middleton Harriers24.25
14T. OrrellV45Horwich RMI24.27
15I. NewcombeV40Middleton Harriers24.44
16M. Horbury Keighley and Craven24.49
17K. Edge Rochdale Harriers24.52
18C. Furse Newcastle Staffs25.00
19L. Passco Clayton-le-Moors25.06
20M. Seed Rotherham Harriers25.10
21I. AitchisonV40Rochdale Harriers25.11
22L. WhiteheadJMOldham and Royton25.14
23M. CaudwellV40Middleton Harriers25.26
24L. Buxton Keighley and Craven25.27
25Lisa HeyesFSalford Harriers25.32
26B. GoreV50Salford Harriers25.40
27T. Finnigan Bolton Harriers25.41
28J. BentleyV40Bolton Harriers25.46
29M. CatherallV45Rochdale Harriers25.59
30E. Milne Middleton Harriers26.02
31D. Lee Darwen26.05
32A. Tyas G.M.Fire26.10
33J. HigginsV45G.M.Fire26.12
34L. JohnsonJMBingley26.14
35Vanessa PeacockF45Clayton-le-Moors26.17
36I. Stainthorpe Rochdale Harriers26.20
37M. Bostock Middleton Harriers26.24
38G. NeedhamV40Leeds City26.26
39D. EarnshawV45U/A26.28
40D. Franklin Saddleworth26.30
41R. NelsonV40Keighley and Craven26.32
42G. RichardsV45Middleton Harriers26.37
43D. WaltonV55Altrincham26.40
44J. DoreV50Rochdale Harriers26.52
45K. ParkinsonV45Todmorden Harriers26.58
46D. Murphy Rossendale Harriers27.02
47B. DalyJMBingley27.19
48Lucy WhittakerSFSaddleworth27.24
49R. DalbyV45Rochdale Harriers27.31
50B. Buck Salford Harriers27.51
51D. Bennett Rochdale Harriers27.57
52Linda CrabtreeF40Halifax Harriers28.04
53T. TempleV45Middleton Harriers28.08
54R. FoxV45East Cheshire Harriers28.09
55G. EntwistleV50Horwich RMI28.13
56N. HarrisV50Rossendale Harriers28.20
57C. Allen U/A28.42
58B. FairbrotherV50Middleton Harriers28.50
59A. O’SullivanV45Rochdale Harriers28.51
60P. HoganV45Lancashire Police28.57
61A. Greenwood Bingley28.59
62M. LongV50St. Bedes29.04
63B. BowdenV50Middleton Harriers29.05
64P. Lawrence Darwen29.09
65P. McElhattonV45Middleton Harriers29.11
66D. Smith Rochdale Tri29.14
67Maria LoweFSalford Harriers29.20
68S. MitchellJMBingley29.32
69Vanessa HamletFRossendale Harriers29.34
70S. HartleyV40Burnley29.35
71J. Purdy Rochdale Harriers29.36
72C. EtherdenV50Saddleworth29.37
73M. BuckV50Middleton Harriers29.40
74G. ThomasonV40Salford Harriers29.59
75B. ChambersV45Vale.R30.04
76Lisa WarnerFU/A30.10
77A. Barlow Middleton Harriers30.19
78S. SeniorV45Middleton Harriers30.22
79M. PyleV55Middleton Harriers30.26
80J. CoxV50Middleton Harriers30.28
81T. GreenhalghV45West Pennine Runners30.37
82P. DibbV65Longwood Harriers30.46
83G. Heyes Salford Harriers31.08
84R. Smith U/A31.09
85P. GilliganV55Middleton Harriers31.21
86Sue ExonV45Trafford AC31.26
87Carol WillgooseF40Halifax Harriers31.38
88R. LeeV65Middleton Harriers31.43
89P. RobertsV50Rochdale Harriers31.49
90Claire McKennaFMiddleton Harriers31.50
91B. RogersV65Northern Vets AC31.54
92J. EdwardsV50Burnley31.55
93Christine BrooksF45Middleton Harriers31.59
94K. MumfordV40Middleton Harriers32.11
95R. Iddon U/A32.21
96Carol BaxendaleF50Middleton Harriers32.24
97J. Sutcliffe Bury32.40
98Louise GilchristF65Middleton Harriers32.43
99Bernice GreenhalghF45Chorley AC32.44
100Kyrinda Hurst MooreF35Middleton Harriers32.57
101R. PealinV50Middleton Harriers33.05
102P. DaviesV60Saddleworth33.07
103G. MarshallV50Rochdale Tri33.11
104P. BurridgeV45Middleton Harriers33.15
105B. S. ColeV50Middleton Harriers33.17
106T. TothamV45Chor33.25
107M. HannonV40Rochdale Tri33.29
108Natalie MurphyFRossendale Harriers33.31
109B. ThorpeV45U/A33.47
110Maureen HorfordF50Middleton Harriers33.48
111Pauline DoreF45Rochdale Harriers33.49
112Jim TaylorV50Darwen33.58
113D. ClutterbuckV70Rochdale Harriers34.50
114P. MooreV40U/A34.50
115Tracey AshtonFMiddleton Harriers35.04
116J. WhiteheadV40U/A35.42
117Alison EtherdenFSaddleworth36.02
118C. L. StanhopeSFMiddleton Harriers36.30
119Ruth HareF45Middleton Harriers36.34
120Denise SutcliffeF40Bury37.20
121P. MooreV40Middleton Harriers37.23
122C. BettsV70Northern Vets AC37.28
123Janice PughF40Middleton Harriers37.59
124I. PoveyV50Oldham and Royton38.23
125Margaret CartledgeF50Middleton Harriers39.03
126D. Croft U/A39.19
127B. WoodheadV55U/A39.28
128A. HulmeV40Rochdale Tri40.16
129Margaret EdwardsF40Middleton Harriers43.51
130G. HanksV50Alchester43.53
131Jackie BellFMiddleton Harriers44.18
132Alison LambF45Middleton Harriers45.55
Many thanks to all the helpers, without whom races like this would not take place.

Andy O’Sullivan BEM, Race Organiser