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27th September 1998

From Race Organiser, John Rawnsley - "Congratulations to Chris Young for his third win and Reg Haigh, a senior veteran, for his 15th place and also to the 93%" of starters who completed the course. I thank all our marshals and helpers who made this event one of the best we have promoted.

I appeal to competitors in future to respect our rules regarding cycles and only use cyclo-cross bikes that are suitable for all the course and not to change to one for the road and another for descending. If you want to ride straight bars, ride them for all the race and make sure your spare bike(s) has them as well. I know that I am writing about a very small minority of riders who would still finish in the top places without resorting to these unfair tactics.

As you will see from the entry form for 1999, entries are to be sent to our new Entries Secretary, Jonathan Berry, who has helped with the 3 Peaks for many years. I advise riders to enter early as once the limit is reached we shall not exceed it. I am still going to organise the race and am already looking forward to the 40th Anniversary which will be in the year 2000."
Key - *=First attempt, FS/FD - Father/Son/Daughter
11Christopher Young  1/139Team Marie Curie/Pace Satellite TV03-08.02
2106Robert Jebb  2/139Hope Technology03-11.42
385Jacob Stow  3/139G A Cycles03-22.12
442Ian Taylor  4/139Eric Burgess R.T.03-22.30
5162Jonathan Watson  5/139Paul Milnes R.T./Bradford Olympic C.C.03-22.55
6200Dean Barnett  6/139Team Raleigh M-Trax03-26.00
7154Alexander Forrester  7/139Matlock C.C./Wards Shoe Shops/Clarks03-26.17
84James Parker *8/139Team Marie Curie/Pace Satellite TV03-27.54
990John Atkinson  9/139Helwith Bridge Alers03-30.41
10194Richard Thackray FS10/139Pace Racing03-31.15
1138James Taylor  11/139Bradford R.C.C./Lynn Motors03-32.23
12108Paul Oldham FS12/139Hope Technology03-32.35
1318Matthew Ellis *13/139Atom Elite R.T./Wills Wheels - Fastrack03-32.45
14245Gary Foord *14/139Private Member - Little Hayward03-32.58
152Reg HaighSV 1/10Team Marie Curie/Pace Satellite TV03-33.25
16241Peter Howarth  15/139Zodiac C.R.C.03-36.48
17225Noel Clough  16/139Swaledale C.C./Arthur Caygill Cycles03-37.20
18183David Beresford  17/139Norton Wheelers03-37.22
1955Gareth Morris *18/139Clayton Velo03-38.33
203Donald McGregor *19/139Team Marie Curie/Pace Satellite TV03-39.28
21122Paul Smith  20/139Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications03-39.46
22169Bob B.J. JohnsonV 1/24Milton Keynes C&T Club/Phil Corley Cycles03-40.01
23119Martin Green  21/139Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications03-40.30
24105Paul Halstead  22/139Hope Technology03-41.00
2522John Wilkinson *23/139Axholme Wheelers/Ward Cycles03-41.47
26177Paul Michael Vincent  24/139Mint Sauce & Flowers Race Team03-41.49
27151David Thorp *25/139Macclesfield Wheelers03-42.28
28179Paul Cook  26/139M.T.S. Cycle Sport Durham03-42.51
297Martin Peter Eadon  27/139Ace Racing Team/Alan Northwave03-43.35
30182Nick DinsdaleV 2/24North Lancashire Road Club03-43.59
3128Thomas Randall FS28/139Basildon Cycling Club03-44.07
3229Gavin Hardwicke  29/139Beauvale Cycling Club03-44.37
3334Philip Hinchliffe  30/139Bradford R.C.C./Lynn Motors03-44.48
34237Seth Smith  31/139White Rose/Volkswagen03-45.00
3580Matt Carr *32/139VC Etoile M&J Cycles/AMT/Reynolds03-47.48
3688Steven Middleton  33/139Hambleton R.C.03-49.51
3710Robin Bradbury  34/139Team Aire Valley03-50.15
38147Benedict Elliott *35/139Macclesfield Wheelers03-51.01
3926George Samuel Lee *36/139Basildon Cycling Club03-51.05
40159Ian AdamsonV 3/24Paul Milnes R.T./Bradford Olympic C.C.03-51.46
41172Lawrence Richardson  37/139Milton Keynes C&T Club/Phil Corley Cycles03-51.56
42107Chris OldhamGVFS1/14Hope Technology03-51.58
4374Peter Johnson *38/139Derwent Valley All Terrain Club/Samways03-52.00
4453Ben Patton *39/139Team Chevin/Chevin MBC03-53.14
45136Steve Barron *40/139Velo Club Lincoln/TMS Land Rovers/Imsport03-53.32
46184Darrell Bradbury  41/139Norton Wheelers03-53.40
47218Vin Cox  42/139South Pennine R.C.03-54.02
4865Mark J. Hammersley  43/139Cyclesport International RT03-54.24
49226Sven Wardle  44/139Swaledale C.C./Arthur Caygill Cycles03-55.38
50150Matthew Steane *45/139Macclesfield Wheelers03-55.50
5120Andrew R. Thomson  46/139Atom Elite R.T./Wills Wheels - Fastrack03-55.55
52128Robert NorgateV*4/24Huddersfield Star Wheelers03-56.46
53111Mark Leyland *47/139Horwich C.C.03-57.18
54142Lincoln Franklin  48/139Ludlow Cycling Club03-57.24
5551Nicholas Elder *49/139Team Chevin/Chevin MBC03-57.31
56117Andrew Bowett  50/139Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications03-57.54
57102Graham SchofieldV 5/24Helwith Bridge Alers03-57.55
58160Colin Hawxby  51/139Paul Milnes R.T./Bradford Olympic C.C.03-57.56
5947David J. Haygarth  52/139Cheltenham & County Cycling Club03-57.57
60100David Nuttall  53/139Helwith Bridge Alers03-59.29
6195Ian Ferguson  54/139Helwith Bridge Alers03-59.41
62210Kevin Holmes  55/139Selby Cycling Club03-59.55
63181Anthony CrossV 6/24North Lancashire Road Club04-00.23
64247Jeremy Mulkern  56/139Private Member - Aylesbury04-00.28
6523David John Ramsay  57/139V.C. Azzuri/Cycle Logical/Global Beer Company04-03.01
66180Chris BriggsV 7/24North Lancashire Road Club04-03.27
67112Danny Maloney *58/139Horwich C.C.04-03.43
68173Darren Smith *59/139Milton Keynes C&T Club/Phil Corley Cycles04-03.45
6970Graeme Rossiter  60/139Denton Wild Trak R.T.04-04.07
70137Ivan Oxborough  61/139Velo Club Lincoln/TMS Land Rovers/Imsport04-04.30
7116Christopher BristowV*8/24Ashfield Road Club04-05.22
7224Stuart Clark  62/139Basildon Cycling Club04-05.36
73195Jonathan Boothman *63/139Pendle Forest C.C.04-05.38
74202Steff Chandler *64/139Ripon C.C./Boneshakers04-05.39
75125Andy Whitworth  65/139Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications04-06.31
76134Philip Mason  66/139Knaresborough Cycling Club04-06.58
77193Geoffrey BookerGV 2/14Oxonian Cycling Club04-07.14
78178Steve WorlandV 9/24Mint Sauce & Flowers Race Team04-07.18
7954Philip Wilson  67/139Team Chevin/Chevin MBC04-07.46
80224John R. Johnson  68/139Stratford on Avon Cycling Club04-07.48
8140Ben Piringer *69/139Brough Wheelers/Brit. Aerospace/Pete Kitching04-08.07
82209Stephen GathVFS10/24Selby Cycling Club04-08.09
8377Bill NicksonSV 2/10East Liverpool Wheelers04-08.12
84114Peter WalkingtonGV 3/14Horwich C.C.04-08.14
85244Paul Stuart Duffield *70/139Private Member - Barnoldswick04-09.13
8661Ian Wellock  71/139Condor Road Club04-09.53
8713Roger BroughtonV*11/24Alford Wheelers04-10.00
8872Cliff'd FeatherstoneSV 3/10Derwentside Cycling Club04-10.28
89155James E. Furniss *72/139Matlock C.C./Wards Shoe Shops/Clarks04-10.40
9011Andrew Watts *73/139Team Aire Valley04-11.15
9112James Watson Wood *74/139Team Aire Valley04-11.47
92123David TaylorV 12/24Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications04-12.20
9368Stephen John O'Neill *75/139Cyclone Cycles04-12.35
94191Tim Howcroft *76/139Otley Cycle Club04-12.56
95144Adrian Dalgliesh  77/139Lune R.C.C.04-13.03
9631Simon B. Pearson *78/139Black Market Racing USA04-13.48
97212Neill J. Williamson *79/139V.C. Sevale (Malvern)04-14.25
9830Andrew Grier *80/139Black Country Wheelers04-15.27
99240Stephen Artingstall  81/139Zodiac C.R.C.04-15.46
10025Steve GregsonMV 1/4Basildon Cycling Club04-15.49
10117Ian Phillip Drake  82/139Ashfield Road Club04-15.57
10283Simon Scarsbrook  83/139VC Etoile M&J Cycles/AMT/Reynolds04-16.17
103234Stephen JolleyV*13/24Warrington Road Club04-16.18
10486John DowellGMV 1/6Gainsborough Aegir C.C.04-16.20
1056Martin ThorntonGV*4/14Team Marie Curie/Pace Satellite TV04-16.27
106138Clive David Asplen *84/139Liphook Cycles R.T.04-16.43
107131Graham Robson  85/139Hull Thursday R.C./Keith Carter Ceramics04-17.04
108207David Parker *86/139Seacroft Wheelers04-17.51
109221John ParkerV 14/24Southport C.C.04-19.21
1109Gary Bailey *87/139Team Aire Valley04-19.42
111201Suzanne ThomasLFD*1/6Team Raleigh M-Trax04-19.54
112190Ian Edward Cullen  88/139Otley Cycle Club04-20.51
113157David WorthyV 15/24Matlock C.C./Wards Shoe Shops/Clarks04-20.57
114149Greg RowsonGV 5/14Macclesfield Wheelers04-21.05
115243Ian SmallGMV 2/6Zodiac C.R.C.04-21.06
116145Robert Ford *89/139Lune R.C.C.04-21.49
117196Duncan ThompsonV 16/24Pendle Forest C.C.04-21.50
11845Peter Hughes  90/139Cardiff J.I.F. - Cyclopaedia04-22.20
119167Andrew Clarridge  91/139Milton Keynes C&T Club/Phil Corley Cycles04-22.31
12049Tony BeddisGV 6/14Team Chevin/Chevin MBC04-23.04
121148Brian Renshaw  92/139Macclesfield Wheelers04-25.25
122133Paul Simpson  93/139Kent Valley R.C.04-26.37
12378Matthew Carter *94/139Epping Forest MBC/Oscroft Cycles04-27.30
12443Paul Milsom  95/139Calder Clarion04-27.34
125135Phil Reeve  96/139Leicestershire R.C./Dave Bowman's Leatherland04-27.47
12619Jonathan Latham *97/139Atom Elite R.T./Wills Wheels - Fastrack04-27.49
127214Richard Fenn  98/139Silcoates School C.C.04-28.06
128192Kevin Stokes *99/139Otley Cycle Club04-28.14
129116Sue ArmitageL*2/6Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications04-28.31
13092Peter Bush  100/139Helwith Bridge Alers04-28.50
13150Simon Blashill  101/139Team Chevin/Chevin MBC04-29.11
13299Tim Kelly *102/139Helwith Bridge Alers04-30.11
13387Jon Hairsine  103/139Halifax Imperial Wheelers04-30.12
134170Robert Knight *104/139Milton Keynes C&T Club/Phil Corley Cycles04-30.55
135166Robert ChaundySV*4/10Milton Keynes C&T Club/Phil Corley Cycles04-31.20
13659John GinleyMV 2/4Condor Road Club04-32.00
137203Christopher DevineSV*5/10Salisbury Road Club04-32.03
13852Andrew Moxon  105/139Team Chevin/Chevin MBC04-32.13
139189Paul ChapmanV*17/24Otley Cycle Club04-32.34
140121Graham Render *106/139Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications04-32.35
141187Paul Stockwell  107/139G.S. Orion C.R.C.04-32.45
142161Philip ThackrayGVFS7/14Paul Milnes R.T./Bradford Olympic C.C.04-33.06
14375Gary Slater *108/139Derwent Valley All Terrain Club/Samways04-35.39
14456Steve LoadesV 18/24Coalville Wheelers04-36.00
14594John Egan  109/139Helwith Bridge Alers04-36.37
146248Matthew Pixton *110/139Private Member - Rossendale04-37.13
147110Martin Davies *111/139Horwich C.C.04-37.52
148239Gregory M. Dodd  112/139Yorkshire Road Club04-38.14
149228Jon Parker *113/139Swansea C.C./Schmoos04-41.18
150120Gary Quarmby  114/139Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications04-42.33
151132Gary Thornton  115/139Hull Thursday R.C./Keith Carter Ceramics04-42.47
15289Allan WatonGV*8/14Hambleton R.C.04-42.59
153205Martin Clough  116/139Seacroft Wheelers04-44.00
15457Chris LoweSV 6/10Coalville Wheelers04-44.48
15593Barry CrabtreeV 19/24Helwith Bridge Alers04-45.07
156197Philip Saul  117/139Pennine Cycle Club04-45.36
157213Geoff WilsonV*20/24V.C. Sevale (Malvern)04-45.56
158130Martin Trowman *118/139Huddersfield Star Wheelers04-46.34
159188Nigel Brown *119/139Otley Cycle Club04-46.43
16041Kali ExleyL*3/6Eric Burgess R.T.04-46.58
161126Richard Wilson  120/139Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications04-47.02
162113Eric William TaylorGV 9/14Horwich C.C.04-47.56
16366Mark Tony Allen *121/139Cyclone Cycles04-49.15
164115Deb ArdronL*4/6Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications04-49.43
165233Bob NorvillGV 10/14Tykes C.R.T.04-50.38
16696Johnny Gow  122/139Helwith Bridge Alers04-50.48
167129John Townend  123/139Huddersfield Star Wheelers04-51.29
168223Ruth GamwellL 5/6Team Stonefield/Stonefield Cycles04-51.46
16984Phil Wise *124/139VC Etoile M&J Cycles/AMT/Reynolds04-51.47
170103Paul SharplesV 21/24Helwith Bridge Alers04-52.29
17182Andrew Scarsbrook  125/139VC Etoile M&J Cycles/AMT/Reynolds04-53.24
172198Jim ThomasMVFD3/4Prescot Eagle Road Club04-58.15
17360Michael John Riley *126/139Condor Road Club04-59.46
17448Terry BeddisSV*7/10Team Chevin/Chevin MBC05-01.07
175152Philip WhalleyGV*11/14Macclesfield Wheelers05-02.02
17627Christopher RandallSVFS*8/10Basildon Cycling Club05-02.09
17764David Gow  127/139V.C. Cumbria05-02.31
17858Richard BurnhamV 22/24Condor Road Club05-03.07
179246Nicolas Garlick *128/139Private Member - Basingstoke05-03.09
180229Nick Parker  129/139Swansea C.C./Schmoos05-05.02
18167Mark John Henderson *130/139Cyclone Cycles05-06.02
182222Terry WignalGV 12/14Southport C.C.05-06.58
18371Simon John PedleyV*23/24Derby Mercury R.C.05-07.38
18435Ann HobbisLV 1/1Bradford R.C.C./Lynn Motors05-08.39
185231Phil Haygarth  131/139Tavistock Wheelers C.C.05-09.31
186174Adam Teal *132/139Milton Keynes C&T Club/Phil Corley Cycles05-12.02
187206Duncan S. Humphreys  133/139Seacroft Wheelers05-12.05
188204Stuart Blackburn  134/139Seacroft Wheelers05-12.05
18997Alan Greenwood  135/139Helwith Bridge Alers05-12.22
19076Ian BriggsSV 9/10Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club05-13.21
191124Ralph WalshV 24/24Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications05-13.40
19215David HalmanGVFD13/14Altrincham Road Club05-14.32
19379Kerry John Rochester *136/139Epping Forest MBC/Oscroft Cycles05-14.44
194211Martin Shaw *137/139Selby Cycling Club05-23.06
195220Peter F. GoodburnMV 4/4South Pennine R.C.05-24.17
196242Neil OrrellGMV 3/6Zodiac C.R.C.05-24.23
197176William Chippendale *138/139Mint Sauce & Flowers Race Team05-29.35
198175David ThomsonGV*14/14Milton Keynes C&T Club/Phil Corley Cycles05-30.37
19991Paul BuckleySV 10/10Helwith Bridge Alers05-31.51
200216Rebecca SmithL 6/6Somer Valley C.C.05-39.59
201164Jane Margaret BirdLGV 1/1Milton Keynes C&T Club/Phil Corley Cycles05-41.11
20236John RawnsleyGMV 4/6Bradford R.C.C./Lynn Motors05-42.48
203163Philip G. AshbournGMV 5/6Milton Keynes C&T Club/Phil Corley Cycles05-47.52
20469Matthew Read *139/139Cyclone Cycles05-55.13
205127Tony LeeGMV 6/6Huddersfield Star Wheelers06-15.28

First Espoir             Finishers at first attempt Senior Veterans            Master Veterans
1st  Alexander Forrester 1st  James Parker          1st  Reg Haigh             1st  Steve Gregson
                         2nd  Matthew Ellis         2nd  Bill Nickson          2nd  John Ginley
Ladies                   3rd  Gary Foord            3rd  Clifford Featherstone 3rd  Jim Thomas
1st  Suzanne Thomas      4th  Gareth Morris         4th  Robert Chaundy        4th  Peter Goodburn
2nd  Sue Armitage        5th  Donald McGregor       5th  Christopher Devine
3rd  Kali Exley				
4th  Deb Ardron          Veterans                   Grand Veterans             Grand Master Veterans
5th  Ruth Gamwell        1st  Bob Johnson           1st  Chris Oldham          1st  John Dowell
6th  Ann Hobbiss (LV)    2nd  Nick Dinsdale         2nd  Geoffrey Booker       2nd  Ian Small
7th  Rebecca Smith       3rd  Ian Adamson           3rd  Peter Walkington      3rd  Neil Orrell
8th  Jane Bird (LGV)     4th  Robert Norgate        4th  Martin Thornton       4th  John Rawnsley
                         5th  Graham Schofield      5th  Greg Rowson           5th  Philip G. Ashbourn

Teams: 1st   Team Marie Curie/Pace Satellite TV         24 points (1, 8, 15)
       2nd   Hope Technology                            38 points (2, 12, 24)
       3rd   Huddersfield R.C./Salamander Fabrications  100 points (21, 23,56)
       4th   Paul Milnes R.T./Bradford Olympic C.C.     103 points (5, 40, 58)
       5th   Macclesfield Wheelers                      115 points (27, 38, 50)
       6th   Helwith Bridge Alers                       126 points (9, 57, 60)
       7th   Milton Keynes C&T Club/Phil Corley Cycles  131 points (22, 41, 68)
       8th   Basildon Cycling Club                      142 points (31, 39, 72)
       9th   North Lancashire Road Club (also 1st Vets) 159 points (30, 63, 66)
       10th  Team Chevin/Chevin MBC                     178 points (44, 55, 79)
Vets:  1st   North Lancashire Road Club                 159 points (30, 63, 66)
       2nd   Milton Keynes C&T Club/Phil Corley Cycles  355 points (22, 135, 198)
       3rd   Helwith Bridge Alers                       382 points (57, 155, 170)
       1st   Paul Oldham & Chris Oldham                 54 points (12, 42)
       2nd   Richard Thackray & Philip Thackray         152 points (10, 142)
       3rd   Thomas Randall & Christopher Randall       207 points (31, 176)
       4th   Suzanne Thomas & Jim Thomas                283 points (111, 172)	

Primes: Ingleborough - Chris Young; Whernside - Chris Young; Pen-y-Ghent - Chris Young

Facts and figures: 248 entries (235 male, 13 female, 0 junior; First attempts 93; F/S/D pairs 6
                   220 starters (210 male, 10 female; First attempts 79; F/S/D pairs 5
                   205 finishers (197 male, 8 female; First attempts 74; F/S/D pairs 4
      Entries:     Open - Senior male - 169, Senior ladies - 11
                   Vets - V - 25; SV - 12; GV - 14; MV - 9; GMV - 6; LV - 1; LGV - 1
      Finishers:   Open - Senior male - 139, Senior ladies - 6
                   Vets - V - 24; SV - 10; GV - 14; MV - 4; GMV - 6; LV - 1; LGV - 1
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