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For friendly advice and assistance relating to your event, please contact me. My associates VLA Events (Ramsbottom, Bury) and Sport Systems are also available to lend their expertise to your event. Contact me for availability.

If you're thinking about chip timing, please contact me to discuss availability and suitability for your event. WE CAN CHIP TIME YOUR EVENT!! A QUALITY SERVICE FROM A NAME YOU KNOW YOU CAN TRUST TO DELIVER, IN ASSOCIATION WITH SPORT SYSTEMS LTD!! We advocate use of the tried and tested Ipico Sports system, as used at London Marathon and Great North Run, and can now supply this system with disposable chips as an option (as used at Ribble Valley 10k for the past 3 races, Market Drayton 10k and Darlington 10k in 2013 and 2014 etc.). Prices start from only 1.00 + VAT per chip (subject to chip type, minimum entry numbers, distance to event, availability etc.) Contact me now for special deals for midweek races ....

Why do we collect disposable chips at the end of races? It's something I have been asked a few times. The answer is that we try to be responsible and properly recycle the chips (and your race numbers) after races, instead of them just going to landfill. No other chip timing company in the UK does this, as far as I'm aware. Of course, if you choose to keep your number then it's not a problem! On average we save about 20kg of waste from going to landfill at each race by doing this. So thanks very much if you take the time to return your number and chip after you have finished.

Aches and pains due to a sports injury? Want to find a massage gel which can help both before and after training? Click here to visit the Albmaleaf page. Albmaleaf is now available to be ordered online via this site.


Busch UK Ironbridge Half Marathon results here.

Gt. Langdale St. George's Day 10k results here.

Market Drayton transfer window is now closed. I have had a lot of transfer forms which are not followed up by an email from the original entrant - NO EMAIL, NO TRANSFER - you will have to arrange your own number exchange!!

Dave at Albmaleaf is operating a Residential Running Retreat - visit the Albmaleaf web site for details.

You can now submit brief details of your race for inclusion in the year calendar (but not the monthly details) by following this link or using the Submit Race link in the menu (left). This does not add the event automatically - it still needs to be reviewed by me first! If you are sending me an entry form then you don't need to use this link!

From the 2015 calendar onwards, I'm only accepting race information and entry forms for races which actually agree to (and do) send results to me. This is because I only have limited time to update the site and I prefer to encourage and support the events which put something back into my site for all you visitors!!

UKRESULTS is open for your entry forms and results ... please keep sending them through!! If you want your forms and results to appear on ukresults (totally free of charge) you need to send them to me (see note above)!! The 2015 calendar is fully open for business Send your entry forms through for both calendars. Don't forget to send me your results afterwards (Excel, csv, Word or RaceMaster meeting file) otherwise your event will disappear out of the calendar very swiftly!! If your event hasn't published its results on my site then it will be deleted from the race calendar when I have a tidy up!!!

Want to send something for inclusion on the site? Click here for details!

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